HI..i'm new to PC building(September 2016)..i'm still learning, my first build was a succeed. I always thought that building a PC is hard but i guess its easier than i thought.

2010 I bought a HP pre-built: i5 650, GT 230, 8 GB ram, 250watts PSU, 750GB HDD. I used to game on a 1600x900p monitor then 1080p FHD.

High-end build and switching to 4k in 2016 and wow! night and day difference. 2018 bought a AOC AGON (AG271QG) G-sync, QHD 165hz, IPS panel. Future plan is upgrading to ultrawide high-refresh rate.

(UPDATE 08-07-2017): starting a Ryzen build and i am very excited!

(UPDATED 08-08-2017): EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 (SLI) :D

I am very happy with the Ryzen build. Everything went smoothly. Ryzen deserve its place in the line of CPU.

(UPDATED 10-21-2018): new PC case (for the third time) new parts: DDR4 rams, RGB fans, SLI HB bridge, motherboard, upgraded to M.2 ssd, CPU cooler, PSU.