Hello everyone, returning gamer here. After a long hiatus from the medium that got me into gaming to begin with I have decided to return. I currently have an OEM Dell laptop ( Vostro 3560 with an i5-3210, 500gb hd, 4 gb RAM, and an Intel HD Grpahics 4000) that I try to play some games on but it struggles to run them on even the lowest settings so I've had it and decided I need to build something that will help me enjoy the games I love so much. I am mostly an RTS gamer, with the occasional shooter (though I usually play those on console but would start on computer if mine could run them, as Battlefield 1942 was one of the first games I ever remember playing and I would love to relive that feeling again) and my most played series is games from the Total War series, Rome 1 to Warhammer and everything in between. My Laptop can run most everything up to Rome II on decent settings at a tolerable frame rate but once I get into Attila and Warhammer that's where the problems arise. I downloaded Warhammer a couple months back only to find that it is practically unplayable, only being playable on the lowest settings, and at that it is still choppy. I want to build a rig that will let me play the games I love again and maybe still be competitive for the next couple years without needing a massive upgrade. Please give me your feedback on my builds that I have so far. Thanks.