I never thought I would be such a computer build geek, I went with a friend to buy a "Custom" computer and after seeing what he ended up with and starting some research figured out what a turd he actually bought. I wish I knew then what I know now.... So when it was time to replace my Vista powered HP, I figured, either now or never. So in 2013 I took the plunge with tax refund in hand, untold numbers of hours on YouTube, and a not so sold on the idea wife, I started ordering parts. The day the last parts came off the back of that sweet brown truck I go to building. A few hours later pushing the power button for the first time and seeeing the fans spin up, LEDs come one was one of the best feelings in the world.. I was hooked and the rest is history. If the first build wasn't such a resounding success I would have ended it all there. But within a month someone from work needed a new computer then a second and a third... I was building from scratch, rebuilding from old or taking scrap old parts and making useable machines every month. So I built, learned, made some contacts and continued in to a love of building, planning, working with clients to properly budget and squeezing every drop of performance from every dollar spent. And most of all I have found some of the best friends you will ever find in our geeky little hobby.