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Looking for a Case for a friend who does Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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StabbyMeowkins 2 months ago

Just as the title states. The build is already complete...besides the Case.

What he needs is the following:

We are going to be using one of the Rosewell Hotswap Bays that has 4 Hotswaps in there, that is a no-brainer. This is to house the four 8TB WD Drives we shucked for his PC that will be used in these hotswap bays. (He wants two hotswaps so he can stick 8 8TB Drives in there but that seems pointless when you can hotswap them out accordingly)

Thought about the Lv10 GT but that is ALOT of money right now. I bought mine for $130 over six months ago and the price skyrocketed. So I am happy I got mine then. But now we are looking for something for him. He also wouldn't mind it looking nice in the state that he might resell later/or the fact he doesn't want to have to look at a really ugly case all the time.

Secondly, it needs to have room for a DVD-R/CD-R/Blue Ray Optical Drive with the Hotswap Bay. The Hotswap Bay takes up 4 3.5 Drive Bays, so we need minimum of 5 Bays.

But, he also wants it to look nice.

I thought about the Azza GT1, and it is kind of...ugly. It could house 4 hotswap bays in total but I am going to talk him down to 4, since he can just take them out and interchange them without the need of having two hotswap bays.

Would be nice to have a clear side panel so you can see the guts on the inside too.

Any suggestions? Its really hard to find one that would look nice or might be good for a build.

We want to keep the price to around 100, but higher is fine if you have suitable suggestions.

It isn't decked out with RGB or anything, but the panel on the side to make it look nicer/see the insides would be great.

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mack_au 4 Builds 1 point 2 months ago

Enthoo Primo or Cooler Master Storm Stryker are about the only cases still available new with that spec. Both of them are well over $150 USD.

A lot of old Lian Li cases will have that many front slots, but very few will have a window.