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First, thank you for visiting PCPartPicker. I hope you enjoy the site, and I hope you find it useful. PCPartPicker wouldn't be possible without your feedback and feature suggestions.

Since adding this forum I've been blown away by the amount of feedback. That's a great thing! At this point though, the rate of suggestions is outstripping my ability to implement them all. So I want you to know that even if I don't respond to every topic and feature suggestion, I absolutely read every single post. I'm glad for every bit of feedback I receive - good and bad. It's my intent to improve and grow this site, and your input is critical for that.


- Philip

Title Submitted By Replies Views Last Post
Monitor page/list - refresh rate should be a default column, not response time. craig 0 5 3 hours ago by craig
Saved part lists selection problem (smartphone touch screen Chrome browser) lukeng89 1 19 1 day ago by anorven
Inventory prices disappeared LIVE_AMMO 0 16 2 days ago by LIVE_AMMO
Possible bug legomaster 0 14 2 days ago by legomaster
Accuracy of pricing/availability from suppliers (vs them seeking to market themselves) CraigBruce 2 22 3 days ago by manirelli
Expand formatting help? waj287 1 27 3 days ago by IForgotMyPassword
Build Guides not loading TotallyWafflez 2 36 4 days ago by philip
User Leaderboards? Vairfoley 1 33 4 days ago by vagabond139
Daily email only showing Storage carlos68 4 38 5 days ago by philip
Any chance to include international shipping in prices assuming the user sets a home country? dustarma 0 19 5 days ago by dustarma
Different video cards on the same list CashGiraffe 2 56 8 days ago by adamboyce556
Custom Part Features Clevi.Villa 0 50 8 days ago by Clevi.Villa
Fix mobile IndividualSOULS 4 34 9 days ago by Squadkills
Motherboard SAS 64bitguy 0 23 11 days ago by 64bitguy
Choose between glass and "plastic" side panel; front ports/buttoms on top or on front panel; case dimensions Dobypeti 0 52 12 days ago by Dobypeti
REQ more options for motherboard filters. v81 2 51 12 days ago by pcbldragain
Minimum Price Drop% for Email dlaiyre 0 48 15 days ago by dlaiyre
Upvote Feature Request YoungTechnician 7 61 16 days ago by SicɅrius
Unsaved parts lists on other computers lopochopo 2 44 17 days ago by lopochopo
Ability to see who downvote/upvote SicɅrius 6 61 17 days ago by ssjg5rlly
Rgb ram Jorblades 6 70 17 days ago by ZedSamCat
Any chance to get a per user option to see measurements in inches instead of MM? bdbaddog 7 88 18 days ago by Root_User
Some recently added components do not show up if you type their name in the search bar. RyanOCallaghan01 4 51 19 days ago by RyanOCallaghan01
Photos not uploading bjmn7d 12 116 20 days ago by bjmn7d
Some CPU cooler parts are not showing the Newegg listing jedge000 1 28 22 days ago by manirelli
VR Headset/streamer kits sections ItzMunx 0 24 23 days ago by ItzMunx
add merchants psp.man 1 41 24 days ago by vagabond139
I cannot view website in mobile version?? Sgtqman19 4 129 26 days ago by Sgtqman19
Is there still a plan for a Polish version? Starlight86 0 37 26 days ago by Starlight86
GTX 1660 on default sidebar svenge 1 59 27 days ago by jakeSpot
A review of the database. Goodperson5656 2 39 28 days ago by manirelli
The ability to ignore/set your own shipping costs Carr0t 0 36 29 days ago by Carr0t
New Part List.. Router and Modem CrazyMan76 4 41 1 month ago by CrazyMan76
Filters for Daily/Weekly Emails Haplo 0 27 1 month ago by Haplo
More filters ShadowFlameG833 2 72 1 month ago by sigilbaram
Pictures ZFGeek 2 58 1 month ago by ZFGeek
Mobile UI not loading piperogaming 1 99 1 month ago by WirelessCables
Pc fans bearing VictoriusII 4 56 1 month ago by VictoriusII
Is HTML embed working? BlinkBuilds 1 34 1 month ago by manirelli
How to embed part list in forum post? McBainUK 2 50 1 month ago by McBainUK
Newegg flash? CookieMonzter 0 36 1 month ago by CookieMonzter
Another Watercooling Thread AXington 2 61 1 month ago by manirelli
State-by-State Tax Menu for the U.S. TVinyard 5 71 1 month ago by manirelli
Using Inventory to the Fullest Extent Izakoe 2 82 1 month ago by Undefined314
Stuck on desktop site YourAverageNinja123 3 52 1 month ago by YourAverageNinja123
Comparing things on mobile witchhunter467 3 51 1 month ago by philcoffman
[Suggestion] Stolen_Recaros 0 49 1 month ago by Stolen_Recaros
Site stuck in desktop mode when on mobile Frugert 2 190 1 month ago by manirelli
[Request] add 'www.shopblt.com' as a retailer bucketofcrud12 2 49 1 month ago by bucketofcrud12
I'm stuck on desktop site while on my phone. nickk1352 3 83 1 month ago by nickk1352