This was the first time I built my own computer. Had some help from a buddy of mine but I did 90% on my own and definitely picked out all the components. It was pretty fun!


  • 6 months ago
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great color. very interesting CPU choice

  • 6 months ago
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Thanks! I got went with that CPU for 3 reasons. 1 - It was 1/2 off because a buddy of mine gave me his yearly Intel employee discount. 2 - I ordered parts about 5-6 months ago and this was the best one in stock at the time offered at the discount 3 - At the time this CPU was the best bang for the buck of the higher end Intel CPUs, and it had the fastest processor speed before the speed dropped off from the extra cores in the two CPUs after it. This one regularly overclocks (without tuning) at about 4hz per core!