I primarily use this for anything I might want/need it for.

Everything works great, all games are on High/Ultra Graphics with 1440p resolution and consistent 60fps.

When not gaming, the PC is 100% silent. When the GPU goes over 51c and the CPU 55c, the case fans start at a low 500rpm and ramp up based on either of these temps (Whichever is higher) to a maximum of 917rpm. The fans are controlled with 'speedfan' software, which is controlling them via voltage on the sys fan headers of the motherboard (They are 4pin fan headers, but only voltage controllable and not PWM, which is why my PWM Noctua's had issues in my previous setup).

Part Reviews

IceMan Cooler RAM Memory Vest Waterblock Cover Rev3.0

Works great in covering up the ugly green look of the original RAM, had to remove a sticker and void the RAM warranty to put them on though.

CableMod ModMesh SATA 3 Cable White 30cm

As I learned, for an ATX case you need longer then 30cm, need about 50cm in length, however, it's great now with my mATX case.

Phanteks Motherboard 8-pin Extension Cables White Phanteks PCI-E Extension Cable 8-pin (6+2) White Phanteks Motherboard 24-pin Extension Cable White

I should have purchased the kit, rather than individually, as I could have received an extra PCI-E cable for the same price. The store I purchased from didn't sell the kit at that time though. Id also get a set that with cable combs, as the cable combs make a big difference aesthetically IMO.

CableMod C-Series Basic Cable Comb Kit

Needed to use Pliers to get them on. Not designed for the Phantek kit.

SilverStone Black 100mm PWM Fan Splitter Cable

It's good, bit short in length, so I wouldn't treat them as an extension cable unless you go for longer length, I previously had 4 pin PWM case fans, however I am using 3 pin case fans with this now. Works fine with both 4pin and 3pin fans.

Doss 20kg Gas Spring Monitor Mount Bracket Clamp Stand up to 27"

Was a cheap knock off from the Levitate monitor arm that I originally wanted to get for it's possibility of having it as close to the wall as possible and bottom of the monitor touching the desk (However, the Levitate monitor arms and equivalents were ridiculously expensive). It cannot rotate, so it needs to be touching the desk so that it stays straight, as there is a small lean otherwise, but that's all I wanted anyway, so I'm happy considering the price I paid.

Logitech G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Does the job. Got it on a cheap ebay sale and it matches my color scheme and brand for keyboard and mouse.

CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Kit RGB/W 30cm

The CableMod Hybrid, has two sets of LED's on the one strip, one White and one RGB, With the RGB colors, only Red, Green and Blue work properly on this strip (Purple works good too), orange doesn't come up orange but a mix of two different colors, and white comes up with green and yellow in it on the RGB strip. I think it may be leaking the two colors out the side of the strip and spreading it around the case, because without the top case fan it works a bit better.

Part Reviews


Works great, glad I got an I7

CPU Cooler

Fantastic cooler for the price, aesthetics and performance. Highly recommend Cryorig.


Does the job well, have not had any issues and I like the color scheme (Only with the -A variant).

I would caution though, although it has 4 pin fan headers, only the CPU fan header is PWM, the others are all voltage control, so don't get PWM case fans with it, as 3pin case fans will work fine and also be controllable. PWM will be defaulted to voltage control if you try, which can have issues with PWM case fans.


Cheaper DDR3 RAM, does the job well, however, I would have preferred some nicer looking DDR3 RAM like Hyper Fury or Corsair, the Iceman water blocks I purchased makes them look and perform great, however, it was not as cost effective doing it that way and I had to void their warranty to put the Water blocks on.


Is great for the price, it has fast read speeds but not very fast write speeds, I only needed a cheap SSD with fast read speeds for my operating system and this was a good choice I think.


Great for the price, fast read and write speeds, on par with others that cost more. However, if your Motherboard has an M.2 slot, I would recommend the Samsung 960 EVO over this, as it's similar in price but with much faster read speeds and write speeds.


Is great for cheap mass storage, I use it to store some Games, Music, Movies etc, I recommend one for every build and if your on a tight budget, I would even forget about an SSD and just use this, which will perform just as well, but with slightly longer load times for everything, does make a very small noise (disc spinning) but can only be heard if your ear is right next to it.

Video Card

Fantastic for the price and performance, I highly recommend this GTX 1070. Be careful to stay away from any blower style fan GPU's as they can make a lot of noise, this GPU allows a custom fan curve, RGB lighting (Which includes 'White' but has to be manually typed in 255,255,255 enter) and 'fan stop' which allows silent performance when not gaming and quiet when gaming.

I have my fans set to 18% 750rpm when idle rather than 'fan stop', which is 100% silent and keeps it very cool. With Fan Stop it will creep up to 50c and the fans will always be starting and stopping. However with 18% 750 rpm fan speed, it's stays around 30c and is as silent as fan stop.

Had a coil whine issue when first used with Vsync turned off, however, this coil whine went away completely after a couple weeks. Every GTX 1070 can suffer from this issue.

The choice for me was between this and the ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1070. Gigabyte was cheaper.


Fantastic, been waiting a long time for a good mATX case like this. Fractal Design really hit the nail on the head with this latest.

mATX is all I need or ever will need, as SLI is out of the picture (But also still possible) and I just need the extra slot for my Wireless card which is not possible with Mini ITX.

I would only recommend a hole in the PSU Cover to allow GPU waterfall configuration cable management and a Tempered Glass side panel. Other than that it's perfect and fantastic to work in, you can also secure the Hard Drive to the floor of the case allowing for even more cable room. Great size.

Best mATX case on the market I think, Highly recommend.

NOTE: Used an old Bench Grinder (Go slowly and carefully) to make a rectangle hole in the side of the removable PSU Shroud piece, and then used a Rubber Grommet there to create GPU Waterfall cable management in this case.

Power Supply

I have noticed a slight coil whine sometimes, however you can't hear it unless your ear is next to it.

It's only semi modular and the cables are not fully black, motherboard cable is multi colored at the end, making it hard to aesthetically please in a build without sleeved extensions. I would recommend the EVGA G2 650W 80+ gold which perfects those minor things.

NOTE: This PSU died on me, so I upgraded to the EVGA G2 750W 80+ Gold, which is fantastic and has a 10 year warranty.

Operating System

My favorite Microsoft Windows, It has 'Classic Shell' which returns it to the same Window 7/XP/Vista layout, starts up the fastest and takes up the least space on your SSD for an operating system.

Only 4 stars because it's Microsoft Windows and no Microsoft Windows gets 5 stars.

Wireless Network Adapter

Excellent, even though it's not fully utilized by my poor router, I noticed a small improvement upgrading to this. Would recommend checking your router capabilities before going all out on the wireless card though.

Case Fan

Best case fans I have used (Especially since I can use voltage control on my mobo fan header with software like speedfan to control speeds), the two 140mm Fractal Case fans I have are the ones that came with the Fractal Design Define R5 Case, which are the same as these except the fan blades are white.


Fantastic monitor for the price and performance, I also like how the buttons are on the side, that way I can use a monitor arm and have the bottom of the monitor touching the desk, giving it the feel of a giant laptop.

Would strongly recommend IPS panels, and at 27", I would not go lower than 1440p (or QHD) resolution as anything lower will make everything look slightly stretched/blurry, nor higher as that will require a better GPU (Don't fall for the cheap 27" 1080p resolution monitors).

This monitor was very bright, something easily reduced in the monitors settings though, I also found that Standard and Gaming modes strained my eyes a bit, however sRGB not only gives me the best colors, but I get no eye strain even with prolonged use.


Very good, the Cherry MX Brown keys are good, but can be a little noisy when typing. I would probably prefer a good quality membrane keyboard over this because it is the most quiet, however, you must be careful with membrane, because some of them can be very bad (Not picking up multiple keys properly).


Fantastic mouse for the price and performance, the sensor is great.

NOTE: The right click began double clicking so I upgraded to the Logitech G403 wired version and it's been very good.


Sounds great, but I haven't compared many, and price is a little on the high side, the only alternatives I could find in this range were Home Theatre systems with a receiver, and I wasn't sure even if they would work with my PC and if so, didn't want to be paying money on an unnecessary receiver. I paid around $350.00 AUD for these, if your budget is not that great, id very much recommend the much cheaper Logitech Z623 2.1 which were my previous set.

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  • 36 months ago
  • 2 points

Like define mini c builds a lot. I wish more people would use the define c rather than the define s

  • 36 months ago
  • 2 points

Me too. It's the best mATX case on the market atm I think.

Although the Define S was the best at the time I think because the Define C series, such as this case here are only fairly new. I'm just glad someone did a good job on an mATX case (And that it was Fractal, whom I like best because of their professional design), because there really isn't much in that market, yet I think mATX is the perfect size, as this case feels and looks just as small as a mini ITX, yet it has that extra slot on the mobo for a wireless card and good airflow, and even allows the possibility of SLI.

Thank you :)

  • 36 months ago
  • 2 points

Simple yet elegant! I like it!

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you :)

  • 36 months ago
  • 2 points

Holy Gaben (this is where the edit was lol), I was having such an amazing moment with those amazing shots then I see your old build and I cried. You deserve that upgrade. No one should have to see that. +1 for your struggles. And a warm welcome to the pascal architecture. May your frame rates be high and your temps be low.

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

hahaha, thank you. :)

When I first purchased the original build, I didn't know much, it wasn't until I touched the case after some Battlefield 4 and it was ridiculously hot that I decided to ask about it on some tech forums, and found that the temps on the CPU were reaching 100c under load. That's when I learned how to upgrade the CPU cooler as I would have had to be weeks without a PC if I tried to send it back to them, plus extra costs involved and whether or not they would even take it back.

These were my Temps from HWMonitor from my original purchased build -

These were my temps after installing the Cryorig M9i CPU Cooler -

So if you want to know whether a CPU can run at those temps, it does. ;) I was running those temps for around three weeks on and off before I did something about it, and fortunately enough, I am using the same CPU to this day without any issues.

Since the CPU cooler was the hardest part, I felt comfortable with everything else, and so one upgrade led to another.

If only I knew back then what I know now, but I feel like thanking them because I wouldn't have anything close to the PC I have today otherwise.

I still have the same Hard Drive, SSD, CPU and RAM from that original build. GPU upgrade was the most expensive, but I wanted it for 1440p gaming, which the GTX 970 struggled a bit with and the GTX 980 ti at the time was too expensive.

Thanks Mark. :)

  • 36 months ago
  • 2 points

That's pretty ******* dope mate, I just love black and white builds!

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks You. :)

  • 36 months ago
  • 2 points

Very nice and clean build you got there well done! I love the white cables they give a stylish look. I have same gpu (about a month)...its very powerful and i havent any issues except "coil whine". Yes i have also that annoying thing with my gpu while gaming above 60fps and V-sync turned off. You said that after a couple of weeks, coil whine completely you do that?

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you :)

Yea, I had major coil whine issues at first. I normally always game with Vsync on, it just provides an all round better experience, but now with Vsync turned off, even with fps in the 100s there may be the smallest of noise, but absolutely nothing compared to at first.

I would check your NVIDIA Control Panel (Right click on desktop) then into 'Manage 3D Settings' id change the 'Power Management' to 'adaptive' and keep Vertical Sync on 'Use the 3D application setting' and then just make sure Vertical Sync (VSync) is enabled in your in game settings.

With the coil whine, I didn't really do anything other than have VSync enabled to stop the coil whine, and then after time, once it was worn in I guess, the coil whine went away when trying without Vsync. Although without Vsync, there is a slight stutter in some games, it's much smoother with Vsync enabled on all of my games. I also overclocked it slightly too (Not touching voltages though, voltage is still on +0), but I don't think that made any difference.

I included Pics of my Overclock.

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you for the tip! I will check all these possible solutions and i may overclock it slightly. If your BenQ Monitor was 144hz then it would be a pitty not to playing at this high refresh rate for a better experience on first-person-shooting. Its a waste of money if you buy 144hz monitor and have to keep it at 60hz for example to avoid the coil whine. The coil whine is a normal phenomenon for GPUs i guess, unless it gets too noisy and hearing it all the time, but it gets on my nerves. Anyway Congratz again for your setup and keep going! have fun!

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

My BenQ is only 60hz. My brother has a 144hz monitor, and V-Sync locks it at 144hz, nevertheless, mine went away after a while anyway.

Thanks John :)