My first mini ITX build. Overall a great experience. Got the case in red and black on a new egg flash sale. Would have prefered the white and black, but I decided to lean into the red and black aesthetic as much as I could. I went with black ram, a GPU without much color, and red cable extensions for the 24pin.

The Speclux RGB LEDs are also a great value and add some nice light. For around $15 they work great, plugging directly into the motherboard and work with the ASRock software. I find myself running them on white most of the time because I think red and black are hard colors to reflect off of.

I'm a big fan of the size of the case. Being able to fit three drives comfortably, including my 3.5in HDD is great. Although the H200 fits an ATX PSU I went for a SFX one as it allows for more air to flow over the GPU as well as making things less tight under the shroud.


The memory isn't stable at the advertised 3200MHz. The XMP profile either boot loops or crashes windows after a few minutes. This is unfortunate, but it's stable at 3000MHz and 3.5 volts, so I'm not really too upset as the difference would be negligible. Unfortunately Micro Center is pretty far from me so I'm fine with this instead of driving back to doing the return.

The Gigabyte WINDFORCE 3X is big. A good bit thicker than I expected, so thick that the NZXT included GPU support can't even fit below it. Right now my temporary solution is a little piece of paper folded up to relive some sag, but I'm working on a better solution. The card fits fine but because I can't use a traditional GPU support bracket I'm a little annoyed but this.

Currently, the fans are set in their default setup, but I may switch them around at some point. Overall the thermals have been about what I would expect, running a little hot on the CPU because I still have a stock cooler, and running in the 70s for the GPU, which is good but not great.


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Other than the SATA cables it looks good!

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Yeah, I don't love them but until I get some right angle cables that feels like the best way to position them.