This is my First PC build. I generally build this PC because i got into watching PC build videos on youtube so i wanted to try it out myself. I mostly build this PC to play world warcraft and other steam games like warcraft 3 and CS GO.

Part Reviews


Chose this CPU because i didn't know how to overclock plus i think its a good CPU for the money. Later on i did learn how to overclock and i got it up to stable 4.0 Ghz

CPU Cooler

Later addition to my build. Wanted an aftermarket cooler so it could handle the overclock on my CPU. Does not interfere with RAM and its actually smaller then i though. LED lights bounce off great from the white fan.


Needed the cheapest Board i could find but didn't want a Micro ATX just in case for additional cards. I was able to overclock my RAM and non k CPU on this board. It's very simple to look at and it does the job.


Needed cheapest DDR4 RAM i could find so i got this. Originally had only 8 gigs but bumped it up to 16. Had few issues while overclocking with 4 sticks but i was able to figure this one out. Stable at 2666 mhz It's small and it looks great.


Needed cheapest SSD i could find for 50 bucks and this was it. Installed operating system on it and Boot time is uber fast. No problems for the past 7 months.

Video Card

Had no idea which GPU to get. After many reviews i settled for this. It was reasonably priced and it plays WOW on ultra, 80 FPS. Fan spins only after sometime of gametime. Great GPU.


Wanted a case with Side Window. This was it. PSU shroud and LED strip were the deciding factors. I don't like the front panel door. Have to keep it open in order for the front fan to work properly. Otherwise it's a good case and plenty of drive bays.

Power Supply

Standard Power supply. Wanted something beefier just in case i add more parts in the future. Non modular ketchup and mustard cables are a little bit of a pain. Next time ill go for modular all black cables.

Optical Drive

Needed CD/DVD drive to play and install old games and programs i have on cd's. Works as intended.

Operating System

OS. Works as intended.

Case Fan

Great Fan. I love the White LED light. Near silent when used together with the additional cable it comes with.


  • 30 months ago
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Nice build buddy

  • 30 months ago
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Great build, +1 for great parts, but I recommend that you add either a 1TB or 500GB SSD or HDD.

  • 30 months ago
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Thanks!!! For storage i am using an SSD as boot drive. For storage, I am using older 750 GB, 5400 RPM HDD that i took out of my broken laptop

  • 30 months ago
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Ohhhh now I get it

  • 30 months ago
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check out my build give me some thoughts about it to help me

  • 30 months ago
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Add an ssd to use as a boot drive (to put your operating system on), it will speed up your pc a lot and improve your overall experience. Other than that the part choices look pretty sound; have fun!