Very good build, my first one. I managed to build it all by myself, just following some videos on youtube. the hardest part to install (not so hard by the way) was the custom loop. Fortunately EK Fluid Gaming A240 comes with manuals and istructions. After cutting the tubes, that were a lot longer than expected, filling the loop was easy. I had a problem with the pump. I had to mount it near to the radiator, beacuse tha case had no place for it. Four cable ties in the right place and you are ready to go.

In thre first two weeks I had to refill the pump one or two times, because of the bubbles that were in the loop. During those weeks the temps were a little higher than now (almost 80° under load). I had to enable XMP to overclock the ram up to 3200 mhz but it worked. Everything looks and works just fine.

I work as a videomaker and i use a lot of editing programs but no problem with them. Every game I played in 1920x1080 Ultra Settings(that's my monitor that I have to change) is going incredibly good.

Battlefield 1 is around 120 fps Ultra Settings. Battlefield 4 is around 140 fps Ultra Settings. Overwatch is over 150 fps in Ultra Settings. So, if you have a 60hz monitor, this build will do the rest.

Part Reviews


Blazing fast. Heat a lot if you have a bad air cooler.


Good, good, good. A lot of Leds and great design.


Very fast, Leds animation cannot be controlled :(


Fast and reliable, also silent.

Video Card

VERY SUPER AMAZING. I was not expecting so much. Silent af and doesn't heat up a lot.


Very cool design, a lot of space for cable managment. The front panel is hard to remove :(


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why did you liquid cool your CPU and not you GPU?

  • 26 months ago
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My guess is that it's cheaper. It's not uncommon for people to cool only their cpu with a custom loop.

  • 26 months ago
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OK thx

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  • 25 months ago
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Cause i didn't think that my gpu would suffer from high temperatures, and i was right. I mostly use my gpu for rendering and the GPU block costs a lot more (250$)

  • 25 months ago
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Ok that makes sense thx