So I built my first computer for personal home use to replace my aging Intel 2011 based machine ( that was rapidly falling behind the times. My home builds tend to be over the top and have historically been Intel/Nvidia based, but based on the experience I had building a machine for my summer home PC ( I decided to go all-in on AMD. I am admittedly impatient and couldn't wait for the release of the Ryzen 9 3950X so I went with the 3900X, which is still a hell of a processor. Many of the components selected were repeats from my summer home build, which presented me with such a great building experience that I could hardly turn them down this time around. The first repeat selection was the case...I have never had the pleasure in my 20+ years of building computers to work with a case as elegant and forgiving as this one. Given it has support for a 360mm radiator I went with the same one I used on my summer home build. One thing I had not thought of, however, is that while this is an RGB cooler it does not come with RGB fans. I didn't realize this with my summer home build because I replaced the included fans with Lian-Li units that daisy chained with all the other fans I had used. This left me a little sad in the lighting department and I will remedy it by purchasing another 3 pack of the Corsair LL white fans that I used for the top of the machine to use on the radiator. Speaking of the fans, I had a slight issue with the RGB controller that came with the LL 3 pack and replaced it with the fan controller Pro in the parts list. While this unit fixed my RGB issues, I was a little disappointed that the USB headers on it wouldn't recognize the Corsair water cooler when plugged directly into the fan controller pro, so I had to go directly to the motherboard with it. The power supply seems rock solid, but I have had no joy using the USB port on it as the Corsair software doesn't recognize it regardless of what header I plug it in to. The memory is not only pretty, but fast and easy to work with. It took its rated XMP settings on the first try (unlike my summer home memory) and work well with the iCUE software from Corsair. The operating system was chosen as a custom part because I needed a USB variant of Windows 10 Home, which this site doesn't list.

One item of note - I usually include my Passmark scores in my summaries but in this case I couldn't get it to rate CPU physics, which could just be the result of the processor being relatively new, so I hope Passmark updates this soon. If you have any requests for benchmarks of this system please request them in the comments and I will do my best to accommodate.

Lastly, yes I spent a lot on this rig...but I tend to get 10 years out of my over-the-top builds, so we will see (and hope) that this remains true.

Here's my HWBot submission - 3DMark Time Spy - 9809 - PCMark 10 - 6420 -


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So far...yes it is!

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this is beautiful. You just need 3 more fans at the bottom.