This is my first time doing a fully custom loop. It took me about two years to purchased everything. My original plan was to water cool my i5 4960K and the AMD R9 390 I was using. But I couldn't find a waterblock for the R9 390 and Ryzen was released. Haven't try overclocking it but I do plan on it. Any tips, comments or suggestions?

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I always like MSI boards but the RBG software is terrible. MSI give like four animation and seven colors to choose. If you want fully RGB build, pick another board. Other than that, its fine.


Not the fastest, but you can get it at a great price.


Its okay case. I do believe that there is better cases out there that offer more for the same price.


Its requires brute force to connect and disconnect the fan. Software is alright, could be better, 4-pin molex...?


Easy to install!

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Very nice