As titled (until I come up with a better name), this is my first ever self-built computer. It'd have been nice if I had an extra person to hold things, I felt awfully bad that the case bottom collected floor dust. After like 10+ hours of spending time trying to put this thing together what I ended up with was not what I originally had in mind. My intended use everything lol, gaming, work, anything. I stuck in pictures, though I seem to be bad at taking them lol, plus I wanted comments on my cable management since I only used two ties lmao.

Original Build Switched Out Parts:

Type Item
Motherboard ASRock H110M-ITX/ac Mini ITX LGA1151 Motherboard
Case Fractal Design Define Nano S Mini ITX Desktop Case

Added Parts:

Type Item
Wireless Network Adapter Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I REV 4.2 PCI-Express x1 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Adapter

What Happened...(Which you can ignore)~

I bought the above mentioned motherboard and case. Started to put the parts together and then came across the issue...Mobo doesn't fit in case? WTF PCpart picker lied??? Nope. Guess what? Instead I got ASRock Z170M Pro4S Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard . I was like, sweet! It supports crossfire... I don't need that, and it's too much of a hassle to return it, and hence it was too big for my case. Realizes it doesn't have onboard wifi like the motherboard I originally wanted had. So hence I bought the network adapter. Plus the mobo is too big for my case so I needed a bigger case. Buys the current build case, the Thermaltake Core V21. Starts putting comp together, and then for some reason comp won't start. Spends hours trying to figure out why...Well bam mobo was DOA, I knew it wasn't the PSU since I did the paper clip test. Reddit didn't help me much and so I rushed to get a decent credible mobo the MSI H110M is what I pulled since I decided to have something that matches with the graphics card I got. Finally I put it together and this like 5 day ordeal of putting a comp together was over. I'm now trying to get rebates through and returning that first mobo, and I kept the Fractal Nano S for later use.

Part Reviews


I managed to find a decent quality used one, so my review will be biased price wise. When I got it, I still got the stock fan, so I'm just holding onto it. Seems decent when I game, so far it only hit about 50 degrees celcius, but that's thanks to the cpu cooler I got. Based on other's its not a CPU intended for gaming, but I don't game very graphic intensive games. For now it's a decent CPU that runs just under 4,000mhz when I game. Can't really say much since I'm not tech savy enough.

CPU Cooler

Hallelujah keeps my CPU cool and I think it's doing a great job so far. I don't know, is 50 degrees Celsius good? Cause it keeps my CPU around that temperature all the time! Only problem, this thing is huge! Bigger than I thought it'd be but I managed to get my ram sticks under this thing. Best to put ram in first then this thing though. I actually somehow forced my rams in though that's not recommended at all

Pro- huge and seems to have effective heat pipe design. Con- A bit too big and might interfere with ram and graphics card.


This thing saved my life, literally the flashes to indicate errors saved me a ton of trouble when putting my computer together. Setting up the bios and all was also easy, then again I couldn't try out the original intended motherboard since it was dead on arrival. Regardless this mobo was a god send and would fit in the case I originally bought too.

Pro-Easy bios and debugging. (I think it has onboard wifi too). Con-Maybe small? Only space for 2 ram sticks. The I/O shield it came with...a bit finicky?


I overdid the ram, probably a bit too much unnecessary amount of memory. However, I intend to stick one of them into another computer one day or something. The price/gb is worth it which is why I bought two of them. For now, it helps me run a lot programs at least. Originally had a 4gb ram laptop with a processor capped at around 2,150mhz, apparently I'm using slightly above 25% of the ram which means that 8gb was probably enough for me

Pro-decent speed and memory. Con-Excessive and maybe a bit more pricey than cheaper options.


For a SSD, saving things onto this drive seems to have taken forever. Then again I've only downloaded one game so far. Regardless, like any other SSD, starting up programs from this thing is just shockingly fast. If other SSD are considered better, I'm curious as to their program running speed compared to this thing. Writing speed however seemed slower than my own laptop though.

Pro-Decent price for memory space. Con-Seems to have slow writing speed.


Hallelujah I basically bought this at it's lowest price. It's current price though...DON'T BUY IT!

Pro-Cheap when I bought it. Con- seems kinda unreliable based on reviews from other places. For the price I got though, totally worth it until it might die lol.

Video Card

Awesome graphics card from what I can tell. Though for some reason I still can't change the LED colors. Nice fans though, and it apparently also heats up to about 50 degrees celcius like the CPU. It fits with my mobo style. Then again they're both built by the same company.

Pro-awesome graphics owo; i run 200-300 fps on league, stylish.. Con-I can't figure out why the LED color don't change even though I found the setting changer for it.


I think I'm just unlucky or an idiot...Somehow the window got a huge scratch across it orz...For some reason one of my front USB 3.0 port doesn't work too. This thing is great for building space.

Pro-Lots of room for customization and building. Con- Only one fan...but it feels cool, I can feel it! Maybe a bit big for those who don't like cubes.

Wireless Network Adapter

I think I don't need this thing maybe? For some reason it seems weaker than my own laptop wifi.

Pro-its a network adapter so it's good for people who don't use ethernet and don't have onboard wifi and it supports every current wifi type. Con-I don't know if my comp is using this thing lol. I kinda don't like how it has a router like attachment that you need to leave somewhere to detect signals.


It's a beautiful screen...4x bigger than my laptop screen lol... Sad thing...I got this thing at a higher price.

Pro-nice flat screen and stand seems very sturdy. Con-not height adjustable, and stand seems a bit too easily detachable.


I picked this thing cause I didn't want to go typical EVGA. So far no problems and looks good.

Pro-500 watts and was same price as EVGA when I got it and has 2 sata suppliers so good for 6 drives. Con- don't buy at this price and im not sure if it's me but there's a lot of cables for it to cover for different sizes, which is good, but they were unnecessary for me, might be more necessary for others though.

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  • 34 months ago
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Great Build but a big recommendation that I have is to buy a new desk and burn that one since you need a bigger working platform on your table for your PC and other things. A good place to go for cheap and good looking desks is ikea. Cool Build! +1

  • 34 months ago
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Can't burn desk lmao XD I'd love to though but I'm in a college dorm so not my furniture, plus I did some image cropping but the desk is under a bunk bed orz

  • 34 months ago
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Pictures are hard to see detail. Did you use your phone? I know I did and no matter what I did my pictures of my build look meh. Phones still can't beat a good camera. Lol. +1 on building your own. I don't like prebuilt systems. You never get what you pay for. Plus by building your own, it's yours and you know all the little quirks it has.

  • 34 months ago
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yah i used a phone but honestly the issue was more of lighting