I use the computer for gaming right now. I am just starting college now and will be majoring in computer science. So in the future it will be used for coding and game design. I would also like to thank this site. I had not the first clue about building anything and its template here was an amazing help. On the forums people give help and improvements. Its also great to help compare prices. I used this site a lot and then watched some building tutorials on youtube. I had a blast building it and it was really easy once you start. you are just screwing stuff down and plugging stuff in.

originally i was looking in around a 600$ price range but once i started learning more i knew i wanted to play on ultra at 1080 and have good fps.

my total is only around 1k for the pc itself. i also ended up purchasing a 144hz monitor and a keyboard and mouse.

i get around 150-200 fps on minecraft at 16 chunks and everything fancy i get 200-300 fps in csgo with max everything

Part Reviews


I am new to the pc world and dont have any comparison, however I like this cpu and i hear the stock cooler is great and it has given me no problems and i like the look of the cooler.


I love the rgb strip. I wish it had a usb c because i have a google pixel. I cant comment much on the bios, as because i have no clue what i a doing and i dont know about bios or have other bios to compare it to. its easy enough to install windows on and change rgb led settings. I wish the backplate for the cooler was glued on. it was very hard to hold that against the back and hold the cooler still and screw a screw all at the same time, had my cooler slide a little across the cpu during the process. it seems to still cool though so i think it didnt mess up the paste too much.


not much to say. they look kinda cool and do the job. I onlly get like 2200 though because i dont think i have the bios updated right. its on me im pretty sure.


never had a ssd before, just a hard drive on my laptop. this loads fast and looks decent

Video Card

Cant figure out how to mess with the led at all but the card works great. It can run anything at ultra at at least 90+fps at 1080p. On csgo with everything max i get between 200-300 fps depending on the map


I wish it had more fans , i am only using the two it came with , i moved one to the bottom front that blows in and i kept the one on the top blowing out. no clue if this is enough airflow but nothing has broke yet. People say it scratches like butter , which is true, but easy to avoid. while working i sat the side that comes off that has no window down and i sat the windowed side on top of it and it was a uneven surface and it slid and the corner of the bottom scratched the plastic of the window. as a first time builder i found this case really easy to build in and really easy to hide cables. it also come with nice velcro straps. it has dust filters for the front and bottom for the fans and the psu. its nice, wish the top had it, i feel like dust will get in through top and build up eventually

Power Supply

I mean i hear this is a great psu and you shouldnt risk it with cheap ones. I love the look of the cables, they are just solid black ropes. i have seen others in videos and such that are ugly compared to this.


Read complaints about colors. it looks great to me. Saw some other 144hz monitors around the price but i hadnt heard of those companies. I went with acer and i liked the stand. Works perfect and can run at 144hz with the display port cable which comes with it. No dead pixels or anything


I like it. fun to mess around with lighting effects and make your own. love the included wrist cushion

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  • 34 months ago
  • 3 points

Would like to see more photos, but other than that, nice build

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  • 34 months ago
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Thank you for replying. I'm interested in more pictures of the inside of your case, the back side where the cables hide. This case is one of favorite looks for a white and liked what everyone did with it.

This will be my first build.

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Well just photos of the internals I guess or your setup. Well like to drool over the sexy pics of peoples PC's lol.

  • 34 months ago
  • 2 points

Niceeeeee +1

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