This is my first personal build I've put together and organized. My last computer I had admittedly handed over to some tech savvy friends to put together and they made it look real good. This time, I wanted to build it myself so I knew how to maintenance it better!

I'll add more pictures upon request, but it's tucked away under my desk for now.


I play a lot of games, and it was starting to get frustrating when even lower settings on newer releases would not yield a playable framerate. I also do enjoy light video/photo editing, and sometimes streaming, which any modern gaming rig is more than equipped to do. My current monitor is a 1080p 60hz monitor which is next on the upgrade list.


I learned a lot while building, but from my previous PC I had picked up a few preferences. My last Seagate HDD had an astoundingly long run before it finally kicked the bucket, so they've been fantastic to me in the past. My GTX 680 also had a stellar run, so I was definitely proud to pick out a NVIDIA GPU, with a similar story for the intel CPU.


I was jumping between a few case ideas before a friend recommended Fractal Design's Meshify C, and I had a few reasons for choosing it.

My last computer had a full tower because the motherboard was too god damned big to put inside anything else I had available to me at the time. It was a huge pain to move if needed and barely fit underneath my desk. Plus it was somehow loud as sin.

Meshify C is sleek and on the smaller side of ATX mid towers, but there's still plenty of room to route cables, and even I can see it'd be especially great for water cooling. I kept the stock 2 fans(1 intake near the front, 1 exhaust near the rear) but I would definitely be interested in adding a few more and lord knows the case has room for it.

It has 3 open sides in the top, bottom, and front, with the top having a magnetic mesh cover and the bottom a sliding grill for easy cleaning. The breathability on it is incredible, and it's completely silent thanks to the tempered glass which also tastefully dims RGB(I opted out this time). There is a ton of room for modification in almost every corner of the case. It's really fantastic, and I couldn't be happier.


As far as I'm concerned, any issues I've encountered were due to my lack of foresight. The 2070 is not a small card so it covered up the Sata1 and 2 ports, but thankfully I was able to pull them around to the front and utilize the other ports. The cables that came with the PSU had a braided wrap around them which is appreciated, but did make the back side of the case a little tight closing up. Oh, and I used Arctic Grizzley Kryonaut thermal paste instead of stock. Was a little hard to spread like the instructions requested but it's manageable with a little patience.


As of writing this, only game I've had an opportunity to play was Final Fantasy XV and on max settings 1080p, plus enabling all the NVIDIA exclusive settings, it performed fantastic with no issues. After a little over an hour of playing, the temperature had barely risen and the short amount it DID rise, it quickly plummeted to a normal idle of 38-40c throughout all components. The SSD is on the slower end of the popular market SSDs available just by the numbers, but it's still incredibly snappy and I'm very satisfied. BIOS makes it very easy to change and tweak every little detail, and I'll be rooting around in that for a long time I'm sure. This thing is absolutely dead silent too, by the way, it's almost eerie late at night now. "be quiet!" really is no joke.


I am extraordinarily happy with the performance of every component I've purchased, and the case itself is wonderful and certainly made my life easier. This was the first wire routing I'd ever had to do, and the case definitely did all the work for me. It's quiet, pretty, and just plain convenient.


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I do not understand, is this a 1080p or a 1440p build? You have two monitor's that you switch around when gaming?

  • 11 months ago
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Currently I am using a 1080p monitor, but I intend to upgrade to 1440p in the future and built this with that in mind. It most certainly overkills 1080p and I was shooting for 80-110 FPS in 1440p.

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Ahh I gotcha.

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More pictures would be nice.

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You have bought 3000Mhz memory sticks but still use them as default 2133Mhz speed why?

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With that cooler you could definitely turn up the cup ghz, that whole system would be fun to OC tune.