Originally this build was going to be an update to an existing old PC, which I was calling my Zombie build. But resurrecting old parts didn't work out so well, and this ended up being a whole new build. The only parts I was able to reuse were the GPU and the power supply, which will eventually both get upgraded also, and an SD card reader.

This PC is for my daughter for some light gaming and homework, nothing stressful so I went with the cheaper CPU for now. The idea was to keep it as cheap as possible!

SSD - I got the SSD for the operating system and was planning to reuse the old system's hard drive for storage...had some issues with that, so right now that's it.

GPU - It's like 8 years old, but has always worked well and is fine in this build until I can save up for something new.

Case - I wasn't planning to spend money on a case, but when I opened up the old PC I realized there was no way I could build in it, I don't know how they got stuff in there in the first place! Very cramped, and no airflow at all, so I looked for a reasonable quality case cheap, and found the SPEC-01. It was fairly easy to build in, has good airflow,and doesn't look too bad. I like that the buttons are at the top and you can take the front off the case without buttons, so no pulling wires out. There isn't much cable management assistance from the case, as far as tie downs in the back. I didn't really want a window, as I was feeling too lazy to tidy cables, but it comes with a window. So I put the window side facing the wall, no need to look at the ugly wires!

DVD drive - Again was going to reuse old one, but turns out a converter for the old IDE connection cost more than a new drive, so....

Wireless adapter - this came free with the motherboard, not really needed in this build.

Power supply - I bought a new EVGA PSU for this build, but the system wouldn't POST with that one. So I returned it and got a different one, but same thing happened. However it works fine with the Antec 450W PSU I had in the old system...which wasn't as old as the rest of the system, so I am using it for now. Weird, but saves me money I guess.

Part Reviews


Good value memory, haven't had any issues with it.


The Spec-01 was easy to build in, sturdy, plenty of room for my components. I liked that the front comes off without the lights/wires, the tool-less drive bays were nice, lots of options for fans. It came with one red LED fan, airflow is really good in this case. While I think this case is great for the price, there were a few things I didn't like about it, all minor but worth mentioning:

  1. The power button feels mushy and hard to press.
  2. The front filter is not removable, it is attached to the front panel.
  3. There are very few tie downs in the back.
  4. The honeycomb holes on the top are huge compared to lots of other cases. I feel like it has a large, gaping hole that needs to be covered. Especially when the case is on the floor.

Case Fan

As promised, very quiet. You can install with rubber fasteners or with screws. Note that this fan can't be installed with long screws like some other fans, which prevented me from installing where I wanted it. If installing with the included rubber fasteners, make sure that there is room for the head of the fastener, as they are a bit bigger than screws.

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The front filter is not removable, it is attached to the front panel. that's not even a dust filter...

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