My main machine at home, and my pride & joy. Used mostly for music, gaming, and going online. Still works wonderfully, even after FIVE WHOLE *** years. Going through two power supplies, three GPUs, four hard drives, three different keyboards, and 4 different pairs of headphones, this computer has seen its fair share of new parts.

The main philosophy behind this computer is the idea of "working in progress" - I don't plan on scrapping any of these parts until I absolutely have to. No impulse part buys unless I find the need to, and no removal of parts until they're truly dead. Nothing is perfect, and no parts will last forever, but the legacy of Bustah Runner will always exist; this build is, and will forever be, a work in progress.

Part Reviews


Seriously, all you need in terms of a processor if you're gonna be strictly gaming; i7 is super overkill. 4690k holds up better, naturally, but for when I got it it was a great Haswell processor. Obviously outdated as hell now, but it won't be bottlenecking me for a few years I'd say.

CPU Cooler

Amazing temps for an air cooler. Maxes out at 50 degrees at full load non-OC, 70 degrees at full load with a 4.3ghz OC. If you're investing in either overclocking or a cheap option for the stock cooler-less 6th gen Intel chips, go for this. Still the best.


Business-grade mobo from Asus, meaning stability and durability. No problems with this whatsoever. Also offers overclocking, but not a huge plethora of options for it.


It's RAM. It works. It's fast. It's cheap for DDR3. Go for it.


Best R/W speeds you'll get for under 100 bucks. If you think SSD's aren't needed if you have the money, experience 3 second boot times and come back to me.


Lots of people say that Barracudas fail like, instantly, but this thing has been working well with me for 2 years with not a single issue. Great storage drive, although not amazingly fast so I'd have to recommend an SSD for boot and programs. That's just me though.


Same as the barricuda, but this one is used to store games. Loads them pretty fast.

Video Card

1080p 144fps gaming with no compromises. The NITRO+ version clocks a bit better and has a better cooling setup (and kinda looks better), but its also almost $150 over the PULSE edition and was out of stock at my time of purchase so I settled. Not that it matters because this thing POPS


Sleek. Beautiful. Spacious looking. Minimalistic. Great fans. Unreal cable management.

Horrendous drive bays. No 5.25" bays. Okay expansion slots.

Power Supply

It's a magic box that delivers power to my computer and lets me turn it on. Semi-modular, which is a nice touch, and with more than enough wattage to power everything I need it to. Not really any reason not to get it.

Operating System

yall used windows before? it's wild

Case Fan

Great color, quiet fan. Shines through the window of my case very well. No problems.


Cheap and decent colors monitor. TN panel, but you get what you pay for.


144Hz looks SO GOOD. This monitor has some odd colors and is bright as the sun upon first getting it, but once I configured it enough it looks awesome and it's super smooth.

Had a bit of flickering with it while Freesync was on, but blame f.lux for that one :p


A cheapo mechanical keyboard with the neat function of having removable switches. Gonna replace with heavier oranges eventually, but the knockoff blues I have right now work fine. LEDs work good, sometimes theres ghost presses but it's what youd expect from a Chinese $50 mech keyboard.


Rarely use wireless on this, but the laser is very precise and there's a nice assortment of programmable buttons for you to apply stuff to. Obviouisly outdated by now, but the G700s compares just as nicely if not better.


Open headphones with great range and a generally amazing soundstage. Removable cable for those unfortunate cable yanks!


Besides the fact that I'm a stupid idiot and I pushed in the plastic bubble on one of the speakers, these sound great for the price. You won't be mastering any tracks with it, but if you're an average music listener like myself who enjoys quality but won't have a fit if it's not ideal, this is for you.

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  • 57 months ago
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Just wondering, why are there no comments? Overall a great build, +1

  • 57 months ago
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chirp chirp chirp say the crickets...

  • 57 months ago
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lol :P

  • 55 months ago
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good build other than the 4670k and the 270x maybe try to get a cheaper processor and maybe get a 280 or a 280x overall good build

  • 12 months ago
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