I started building this PC earlier this year to replace a laptop. Primary uses are: -Media server (Plex) -OTA DVR (HD HomeRun Connect, Channels DVR to AppleTV in living room) -Work from home (Outlook, etc.) -Web browsing (Chrome) -Gaming (Battlefield 1, CoD IW, etc.)

I started out with the core of what's listed here, but switched out a GTX1060 for a GTX1070 pretty quickly. I'm itching to go from the GTX1070 to a GTX1080ti at the moment so when I game in 4k the experience would be smoother, but we'll see what happens. I also started out with the one 250 GB SSD and shortly after added a second for my games, and then just yesterday added the 3TB barracuda for my DVR and Videos for my media server. I also added the blu-ray drive yesterday so I can backup more of my video collection for my personal home media server. The other thing I'm thinking about maybe swapping out is the i5-6500 for an i7-6700k, but having to go through the work of pulling out the motherboard to install another cooler is making me think twice about doing that.

Overall I love the build so far. This was my first time building a PC and I had a lot of fun putting it together. Getting on this site and looking at parts and others builds has almost become an addiction but I'm really enjoying myself!

Part Reviews


Great CPU if you don't want to overclock. I didn't think I'd ever want to overclock but now that I have the build completed and have started tinkering with it I kind of wish I would have went with a K version that can be overclocked. But that's no fault of this CPU, which is excellent.


Really solid budget motherboard. The BIOS is really easy to work with for a beginner and using XMP to bring my RAM up to 3200 was a breeze. Was smaller than I was expecting as I was only able to use 4 screws with my case to secure instead of the 6 my case was setup for but not a big deal.


This RAM is apparently only sold at MicroCenter, at least that's the only place I've been able to find it. It is a nice clean black which was the look I was going for and price was good for DDR4-3200. I actually only bought the 2x8 at first but eventually added another pair to future proof and I wanted to ensure I could get the matching 4x8 since this is fairly limited availabilty. Has been running great so far, no issues.


I bought based on reading tons of reviews. Boot times on my primary SSD are super fast and games on my secondary SSD run really smooth. Great SSD's, no complaints and I don't think you can go wrong buying these.


Solid 7200RPM 3TB HDD for the price. I bought because MicroCenter had these on sale. I was going to only but a 1TB HDD but then for a a little more money decided it was worth it to go with the 3TB. Has been running great so far.

Video Card

This card is great. I'm using it to push a 4k monitor as well as an 1080p monitor and have had zero issues. I've even gaming in 4k and for the most part it has been able to handle it with FPS hovering around the mid 40s. I'm not a huge gamer so thats mostly acceptable for me, but I may upgrade to a 1080ti at some point since I prefer 4k over ultrawide 1440p which I think this card could definitely handle.


Great oversize budget case. Will hold everything you need it to hold and it has a nice clean black look. Not much else to say.

Power Supply

Very nice budget power supply. The all black cables make this look really clean in your build.

Optical Drive

It works. A little loud when reading Blu-rays and DVDs but what optical drive isn't? Blu-ray support in Windows 10 is a mess but I can't fault Asus for that. I was a bit annoyed that the software that comes with this is several versions outdated which is why I've knocked off stars. You'd think if they're still selling this in MicroCenter they'd be giving you an updated version and not one that is 4 or so versions outdated.


I've had this monitor for several years and was using it as a second screen for a laptop. It's been a solid screen for many years but is definitely due for an upgrade.


I bought this a couple years ago to upgrade my 1080p 60hz monitor. The monitor is built really solid and the stand is one of the best you'll find from any manufacturer in my opinion. This has been running sold and I really have no issues with it. I wish it had UHD but PC monitors are just starting to add this, and charing an arm and a leg so I'll make due with this monitor for now.


I really like the clean look of this keyboard and all the options on lighting, especially the customizations it does for games like Battlefield 1. This was my first mechanical keyboard purchase and it's a little loud to type on but I don't mind too much.


Really solid wireless mouse and I don't notice any lag between this and a wired mouse. You can also use it wired if you want but I only use the cord to charge. It took me a while to get used to the shape of the mouse but now that I'm used to it I find it quite comfortable. My only gripe are the back and forward buttons on the left as I periodically will accidentally click the back button.


I travel overseas for work and bought these primarily for in the plane on long flights. A bonus is that I can now use these on my PC when I want to crank out some work and need to drown out the background noise from my kids which these are great at.

External Storage

Purchased many years ago. It has been solid and no issues so far. I'm using to backup my primary and secondary drives and it serves its purpose well so far.

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  • 34 months ago
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Do you have anything between the PC and the carpet???? Or is it just sitting on carpet.

  • 34 months ago
  • -1 points

It's sitting on the carpet. I like a clean desk and it takes up too much space so I prefer on the floor out of the way.

  • 34 months ago
  • 4 points

That's, fine just make sure you put something between the carpet and your pc, thin piece of wood or mat or something.

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

what size desk do u have???

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

It's the IKEA Karlby countertop:

Sitting on top of a couple IKEA ALEX drawer units:

  • 33 months ago
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I5-6500 + Z170 mobo = ?