Entry level AMD build with ample opportunity for future upgrades. Build went very well. Case has a lot of room and multiple access points from the back to the motherboard. Motherboard fills the case well and has a ton of free slots to add almost any component. Plan to add a 2TB hard drive as soon as the SSD fills up. The white lights are a little overwhelming for my black and blue theme, but I got them for free from brother's build so I went with them anyway. Hopefully will replace with blue LED fans eventually.

Biggest problems came after the build, with software. This CPU has no integrated graphics and can't even boot bios without the graphics card installed. With the card installed and using the video ports on the graphics card, it did boot fine and had no problem installing windows from USB.

Part Reviews


Great CPU. No problems running any game or program. Had originally planned to buy a liquid cooler after my initial build, but the CPU fan that comes with it works great and I haven't had any issues with temperature.


Really love the look of this motherboard. Fills up my case and has tons of slots for future storage and memory upgrades. The pre-installed wifi and bluetooth antennae work great. The RGB is also really cool with each of the 6 LEDs individually programable and lots of schemes already on mystic light.


Looks good, easy install, works great.


Works great, easy install but fills up quick.

Video Card

Great budget card. Runs Oculus Rift fine even though it's under their minimum requirements. Doesn't require it's own power and is pretty small and easy to install.


Great case, lots of room in the back for cables and access to the motherboard from above, below or the side. Big glass panel for a great view of your build. Side panels also come out for very easy install of extra fans.

Power Supply

Great budget power supply. Only had to add cable for hard drive.

Case Fan

Very bright white LEDs (brighter than any of my other components) overpowers any other LEDs in the build. Make my blue case look white when the lights are off.

Performance is great, just a little too bright.


Good budget keyboard. The removable wrist rest is very comfortable and taking it off makes the keyboard very small and easy to move around and use in a desk with a small keyboard drawer.

Only complaint is that the media and volume buttons are not backlit. Really sucks if you're trying to watch a show or play with the lights off and want to adjust the volume.


Great budget mouse. Like using the middle button to change sensitivity profile and very comfortable to use.

Only complaint is that it can't use lightning link on the iCUE software to sync lighting effects with my mouse.

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  • 12 months ago
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i don't think pairing this CPU with such an underpowered GPU is the way to go. i think investing another £30 or so into getting a 1050Ti would do it much more justice