Hello everyone and welcome to my latest project. (Yes it's not my new computer build for my self just yet :) )

Anyways I will tell you how this got started. About a month ago my grandpa decided that he would like something more powerful than his Dell Inspiron N4030. Now it works just fine for keeping documents but it's hinge is messed up and the screen is starting to get too small for my grandpa's eyesight.(He has a good size monitor for this computer if you where wondering.) He will be using this for video watching and document keeping. So I created a part list and went thru like three revisions before I got to this one and to tell you the truth I don't regret the part choices in the least.

So we ordered all the parts except the ram from amazon and because I have amazon prime it came in two days. I was so happy at looking at all the parts and then got the urge to start building it without the ram. So I took pictures but I got to busy building that I forgot to take some of installing the power supply, SSD and CPU cooler. ( Will try to do it for my new build.) After all said and done the only thing to do was wait till Saturday, that day is the date built.

When the Ram came in and it booted straight up the second time. (Always make sure that the power supply is PLUGGED IN!) At first I had a hard time getting to the bios because of the speed of the boot-up but I got in and the ram was set to 1600 and so I set XMP 1.3 and it put it up to 2133 speed. But of course I should have seen the 2400 speed meant that it could go that fast only with a overclock and I didn't know what is required for this motherboard to get there.

After a day of getting windows 7 set up and then downloading all the other stuff I was curious how it was holding up temperature wise and found out that it was idling at around 50-55 degrees Celsius. So I put a spare water cooler I had laying around into it and it was much better. (Yes the water cooler came off my old build but I haven't been using it after I bought the M9a air cooler.)

So after that was done I thought what would happen if I did dual graphics with my graphics card and how it would compare to other graphics cards. And I discovered that in dual graphics it's almost as good as a Radeon HD 7770 GHZ editon graphics card with 1 GiG of RAM!(Both APU and R7 240 had 2 gigs of vram each.) Now yes dual graphics is a cheap alternative and is decent in some of the newer games but still not in comparison with a actual gaming graphics card.

If you are wondering about boot times and all that the computer boots-up in ten seconds from bios to windows main screen.

That's pretty much it for my Grandpa's new computer. If you have questions I will try my best to answer and if I should add any information to the description. See you next build! :)

Part Reviews


The Best Processor for the money mainly because of the integrated graphics. You can play Minecraft at Short 32+ render distance with 120 mods no problem. Just make sure to get a good aftermarket cooler.


Really awesome bios is the first thought that came to my mind with a lot of overclocking room and plenty of upgrades down the road!


Now I wasn't able to get to the 2400 speed I did get 2133 so it's good enough. Just make sure that you get a motherboard that supports the speed without a overclock.


Now this is speed! It can boot from bios to windows main screen in 10 Seconds!


Now this was a bit tougher than I thought it would be. Still 5 stars just make sure to install the aftermarket cooler back-plate before installing the motherboard all the way.

Power Supply

Super quite and powerful for the price. Now it's non-modular but it does get the job done and efficiently at that.

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WOW I didn't know OCZ was from Toshiba :o

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Me too!

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Thanks :)