I really enjoyed building Pavyl, Yes I named it Pavyl. I built this just cause I needed a computer for daily use with some gaming mixed in there. It works nicely as a casual gaming desktop, although using the stock cooler is never the best idea (which I did, but it's only the 1500x and AMD's Wraith Spire is the second best stock cooler). I did not overclock this, I don't feel safe with the stock cooler. I spent several months doing research to find which parts fit my wants/needs for this build, then another month to lower the price and work out any kinks I forgot. Everything worked well, the hardest part was just making a windows usb on a MacBook(Apple really doesn't want you doing that).

Part Reviews


I love this processor. I used the stock cooler(not a good idea, but I thought I would save a few bucks), the included Wraith Spire is good enough to game with, plus its the sexiest stock cooler out there! I never ended up overclocking because of using the stock cooler, I will leave that to the gaming pros. Overall, this cpu is perfect for the average casual gamer, its good for multitasking, and is the perfect middle ground performer with a good price.


A cheap, reliable, nonchalant motherboard. ASRock makes some good motherboards, this one, in particular, is on the budget side, which is what I was going for. One star removed because its a budget board and the BIOS looks like it's from 2006 (don't be afraid, the BIOS is very easy to get used to, it just has fewer features and the background pattern looks like trash)


HOLY CRAP, THIS IS THE BEST MEMORY EVER. When I was building my computer, I was freaking out because I was gonna have to spend over $200 for a mediocre RAM kit. These kits go on sale almost once a month, buy it, its worth it. I don't care for overclocking RAM, there's no point. Overclocking RAM looks good on paper, but its hardly noticeable, as far as I know; RAM works best when its volted at its manufactured speed.


This is the perfect little M.2 to stick in your computer. I know what your thinking... It's a Sata 3 drive, it's too slow for me. NO! This boots up windows 10 in under 18 seconds, an NVME drive will cost you five times as much for half the storage capacity! And, Sata cables for SSD's bottleneck the promised 6 GBs per second write speed; M.2s plug into the motherboard so they don't deal with that (their literal manufacturing purpose). Anyways, this M.2 has enough storage to be a boot drive and hold all your most important files. I got it on sale too!


It's cheap. It's big enough for me. I like it. One star off for being a hard drive, but it's cheap, that's what hard drives are for.

Video Card

The perfect casual gaming video card. This card is super sexy, I got it for $40 bucks off while it was in stock, and I can play Overwatch. 1440p screen, max graphics, averaged 90 fps.


This Tower is absolutely perfect. It has a premium feel to it (mine maybe not so much, I got the plastic window version). It has enough room inside to build with a radiator, which I didn't do. I got this case on a budget. Overall, I'm very impressed with Phanteks, they do a good job with everything, I favor their case fans over all competitors.

Power Supply

No one can tell you what power supply to use because it depends on these factors:

  1. your components
  2. how you will use your computer
  3. modular or not, your choice to deal with extra cables

This PS is great for my computer, low wattage, not gaming much, only one hard drive. Efficiency is less of a matter than you think, today the PS are mostly all very good at preventing heat buildup. The only reason you should care about efficiency is if you fit a 1500 watt PS in a computer with an average wattage of 300 (any unused power is gonna be turned into heat)

Operating System

its windows, its great, nothing beats it.

Wireless Network Adapter

This Wifi card is a beast! It has 4.0 Bluetooth, 802.11 networking, and the antenna has a magnet. Your wifi connection is gonna bottleneck this card! I suggest getting a cable to plug it directly into a router.

I have heard many things about this card being defective, that was not the case for me. If that happens to you, just get it replaced or buy another because its worth it.

Case Fan

Phanteks makes the best case fans. These are extremely quiet and push a lot of air. The only thing that bothers me is that the air movement makes noise. To clarify, the fans are silent, the wind they create is a like white noise

Fan Controller

This fan controller is absolutely perfect. 6 channels, RGB lit sliders, and just really simple to use. Has a matt-black finish giving it a super sexy look. Unfortunately, it is no longer manufactured by NZXT. I found mine on ebay for $20, but NZXT does sell certified refurbished for around $35.


This monitor is ok, I got it as a second screen for my desktop. The colors are relatively accurate, the screen has almost no backbleed, and it has a premium build quality. Two stars off for being 1080p and no height adjustment.


This monitor is really nice. The colors are very accurate, it has no backbleed, very sharp details. I recommend it for casual gamers, my GTX 1060 struggles sometimes with ultra graphics. Retail price for this monitor is around $200, I got it in a buy one get one deal.


This keyboard is very nice to type with. The keys have a longer travel than most, but I have gotten very used to it. All the keys are elevated above a metal frame, giving the typing experience a very, VERY high-quality feel. The keys are extremely tactile, super satisfying. The only problem is the keys are loud, i mean loud. When I game, my friends hear me hitting keys through my mic.


great mouse, would buy again. Logitech has software that lets you customize the RGB and sensitivity, it's very user-friendly. The cable is braided, and the scroll wheel is really satisfying to touch and use.


Best budget speakers on the market. It is 2.0 audio, but they have really good bass without a bass module. Distortion on higher volumes is not bad, but i would not use it that high anyway. These get SUPER LOUD! It surprised me.

Something neat they have... There is a scroll wheel on the side of the speaker with the turn dial, it lets you tune the bass up or down in volume. Also, you can plug headphones directly into the speaker.

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slept on build, I like it

hope you are enjoying it!