I started out with budget of around 800 or 850.......but, yeah didn't quite work. I already own a freesync monitor, hence the rx580. Once I decided on my gpu I decided to go for a fully AMD rig. I'll be using this build for light gaming, nothing over 75fps or 1080p (due to monitor restrictions).

UPDATE: When I first created this build I selected the wrong ram, and I added all the peripherals, thermal paste, and headphones that I use with this setup.

UPDATE 2: I added a new CPU cooler, an rgb strip and two Phanteks Halos 120mm. All pictures before the first six are of my build before I added the varius rgb components and of course the Arcanine card lol. Finally added the final piece (so far) on 6/25/2018.

Part Reviews


Perfect for what I need it for.

Thermal Compound

It's thermal paste. It works. Not much to say.


Just a few problems getting Aura sync and other various Asus programs other than that no complaints.


High pitched buzzing when changing colors rapidly. Gets pretty annoying, but other than that no complaints.

Video Card

Not the card I originally ordered, and with Newegg's terrible return policy (a completely separate rant) but they sent me this instead of a special edition. After a few hours on the phone I managed to get a 60$ rebate and ended up scoring this card for 240$ which is actually a pretty good deal considering that it's a 1080p beast.


Love this case looks really nice and has a PSU shroud which is amazing for hiding cables from the power supply no complaints.


Can't say enough about how awesome these headphones are for a mid range set. Absolutely perfect for what I use them for.


  • 17 months ago
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One thing I would recommend is a liquid cooler. That will keep your beast cool while looking hot. I used the same case in my build (but black) and I have to say, nice job!!!

  • 17 months ago
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good stuff man im building my sister pc and gonna be using this build so thanks

  • 17 months ago
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Mouse any good?

  • 16 months ago
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Love everything about it except for the non rgb but that’s completely personal opinion. For me it fits my hand perfectly and has great weight without being too heavy.