-Mainly used for Gaming

-The entire build is color matched extremely well. The only change would be to replace the Crucial SSD with a Samsung Evo.

Minor Hiccups:

-You NEED Cable extensions if using a SFX power supply. The 24 pin and 8 pin cable will not reach.

-Make sure to plug in the USB 2.0 header cable, HD Audio cable and CPU 8 Pin cable prior to fully installing the motherboard in the case with the Heatsink unless you have really small fingers, otherwise it's nearly impossible.

-Used Afterburner to make the fan curve more aggressive on GPU. Stock fan curve lets the GPU hit 80C.


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Sorry noob here, just wondering if you get any bottlenecks or problems similar to that with the 1080 ti and the 9600K

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I haven't had any bottlenecks with the processor or the 1080ti pushing that monitor. Even games like PUBG run at 100+ frames per second without much effort at max settings.

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