Bought a $25 Dell Vostro 260 that came with an i5 2400. Added a used GTX 950 from Craigslist (Was between this and a 780, but local GPU prices are high), a used EVGA PSU (from a friend so I ultimately wasn't too sketched about it's condition), and some very cheap used RAM off eBay. The stock Dell cooler was running at 82°C at full load, so I purchased a cooler off Amazon that runs around 63°C at full load. I also sketchily mounted an 80mm case fan I've had sitting around to the front of the case for slightly more air flow. Last but not least, I added an SSD that I bought off another friend for cheap, which is probably at the same time the most optional and most necessary upgrade to the PC.

Runs most titles at medium-high 1080p settings giving 30-60 fps performance due to the lack of VRAM, but I haven't had a gaming PC in about 5 years, and it runs titles better than my PS4 (non-pro, of course). Also comfy for schoolwork, etc. Good deal overall, but if you want something future proof in anyway I wouldn't follow in these footsteps.

Part Reviews


Excellent performance for such an old piece of hardware. Legendary.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my CPU running at 63°C at full load with, uh, possibly sub optimal airflow


Extremely snappy, breathed a second life into my rather archaic hardware,.

Video Card

Giving a 4/5 due to it's bargain secondhand market price, but 2GB of VRAM is simply not enough moving forward with current and upcoming video games.

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  • 3 months ago
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lol epic

  • 3 months ago
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nice :D

  • 1 month ago
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I would have honestly suggested getting an E3 1250 or something along the lines for this computer, as it would help significantly in cpu bound games.

  • 29 days ago
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My other build (more recent one) has an E3 1245. It's functionally the same computer, just upgraded and moved out of the case due to the size of the OEM one.