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Entry Level Gaming PC 580 EUR

by Enea907



Date Published

Nov. 13, 2017

Date Built

Nov. 6, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3.5 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

26.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

40.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.29 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

7.008 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

28.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

38.0° C


I will be doing partial reviews, to make it easier on choosing the parts if you wish to change anything. This PC is Entry-Level. You can get around 60 FPS in Epic Quality in Overwatch, Med-High Quality in DOOM and Ultra-High Quality in Skyrim. This PC is great, bang-for-buck, and useful.

Part Reviews


Processor works great, it's affordable for it's price. 3.5 GHz is more than enough for entry-level gaming. This was probably the best budget processor i could find. Works well, never really had any problems installing it, the biggest problem was the CPU Cooler which needs to be screwed in little by little on every side in an X shape. Keep a firm hand over the CPU Cooler while you screw it in, pushing it on all sides as for none of the screws to come out.


Motherboard was good, the BIOS worked perfectly, and it had all the information it needed. Problems i had with it were that there was only 1 Chassis Fan input, so i could only use one of the PC Case fans. Another thing was that there are only 2 RAM slots. Overall it was good, minor problems.


Not really much to say about the HDD, it's 1 TB, cheap and affordable, its worth it. Although if you need more you can get another one for about 15-30 more euros. Although you may want to partition the HDD, so you can use one part to store your files and one to store your programs and OS.

Video Card

1050 Ti, Low Profile, it is good, but i made a mistake with choosing a Low Profile. It would be better if you got a normal one, probably more expensive but it would give a better performance. If you are going cheapest, choose this one. As long as it's 1050 Ti and it works. It will be good enough to run Doom, Overwatch and Skyrim at 60fps.

Edit: In the long run i don't mind it at all, the difference from Low Profile to a Normal one is barely noticeable.


PC Case is ok. Design isn't a problem for me since i don't care about it's looks. The user guide doesn't really say anything about how to do anything, only what to do. Biggest problem i had was inserting the motherboard standoff screws, which can be put in with a screwdriver and a part which is included in the PC Case. As for noise, it doesn't really protect much. I would suggest keeping this as a secondary option, if the first one doesn't pan out.

Power Supply

Power Supply is great. 400W is enough for this, Semi-Modular is perfect for cable management. As long as its 80+ or better its good enough, and always go for semi modular or better. I would recommend this power supply all the time.


Looks good, is good, would recommend getting a bit more ram but 8 is minimal. 12 would be good, 16 is great but 32 is overkill. There isn't much to say about RAM, its DDR4, 288-Pin Memory and and 2666 MT/s. It's great and its enough for an entry level PC.

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Anime_Edgelord 2 points 10 months ago

I’m sorry, but what? How are you only getting 60fps in overwatch? With the 1050ti benchmarks that I’ve checked, you get around 100 average on max settings 1080p

axtonplayer 1 point 10 months ago

thats good news but is there anything else in the build holding him back from that or could it be a software thing

Anime_Edgelord 2 points 9 months ago

There shouldn’t be any bottlenecks with an R3 1300x, I know this because with an AMD Athlon X4 950 and a 1050ti there is pretty much no bottleneck. It’s possible that a software issue could be causing it, or maybe a certain setting called “Dynamic Reflections”, which impacts gpu performance a lot. As for the 60hz display argument, it wouldn’t make any sense to, on purpose, cap your frame rate and then say “That’s how many frames I get”

Enea907 submitter 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago

Yea i probably capped my 60fps, and didn't notice at first. Will fix once i have time.

Eibe 1 Build 1 point 9 months ago

He/she probably have the Display-based fps cap activated at 60, since the monitor is probably 60Hz.

Enea907 submitter 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago

I may have done that, will update with new details.

Bigbadaje 1 point 12 months ago

Hey how good are the fans on the lp of the 1050 ti, for this version I would like to get one once I sell my 750 ti, and want to make sure I have the best cooling due to my free work surplused sff computer. If you know help would be appreciated thank you.

Enea907 submitter 1 Build 1 point 12 months ago

To be honest, it's not too noisy. And for temperature it seems to keep it steady, doesn't really overheat, although i don't quite understand what you mean by surplused sff computer. I would suggest you look for other alternatives instead of this 1050 Ti. Try going for something a bit better and not a low profile. I'm not really too picky about stuff, so this PC is good enough for me.

Bigbadaje 1 point 12 months ago

I mean by surplus a work computer my dads work got rid of and only accepts low profile gpus

Enea907 submitter 1 Build 1 point 12 months ago

As far as Low Profile goes, this one is the cheapest of the 1050 Ti's, but maybe double check, maybe the work computer can handle a 960 or something different.

Bigbadaje 1 point 12 months ago

It only accepts low profile cards. This is the most power I can get.

Enea907 submitter 1 Build 1 point 12 months ago

Then i would suggest this one, although don't let me cloud your judgement. Maybe you can find better ones.

tan--ahmed 1 point 6 months ago

You suggest any cheap motherboard which wont have the same problem as you mentioned?

Enea907 submitter 1 Build 1 point 6 months ago

To be honest i don't know because i didn't look for any. I would suggest to just get a case fan splitter. Just be sure to get the right one.