This is a mid-range computer built for my younger brother who's in the final years of High School and in need of a good, reliable rig to see him through college. Like me, he's also a fan of gaming, hence spending a little more on certain parts. I built this for him with him watching most of it, he didn't quite feel competent enough

See my other build: "Student Skylake" @ - - that one was my first build.

CPU: The i5 4690K is the definitive processor for reliability, performance and value for money - when researching which to go with, it didn't take long to pick this one - since he lacks a higher budget, as seen in my other link, Skylake parts were a little beyond at this point to keep the cost down. It will be well suited to multitasking all the programs he needs for school and great for gaming.

Graphics Card: This part was bought prior to this build for his old pc, he wanted to play games better and this was the best GPU he could handle with the old PSU and something not too mega as to be held back by his AMD 6300. It will do the job for now, but come his birthday I'll be installing a GTX 970 into this rig to make it a fully fledged gaming beast.

Motherboard: The goal was to get something reliable, not too pricey but not cheap and of poor quality - this board has plenty reviews that are positive both here and other sites - since he's not overclocking and no SLI; it'll do the job.

Memory: The HyperX Fury is one of the most popular choices for RAM on this site, I have the DDR4 version in my rig, and tied in with the overwhelmingly positive reviews, no brainer.

Storage: This is the same 1TB HDD as in my rig, as with the other parts - one of the most popular choices, due to it's reliability and performance.

Case: Another choice based on personal experience, I have a H440 - my brother doesn't require something that large but I am very satisified with the build quality and ease of assembly with these NZXT cases, it made things simple yet again.

Power Supply: This is a very well reviewed PSU, all say it's reliable and good quality - I was impressed when putting it in the rig, and should be perfect.

Additional: - Windows 8.1 installed via USB - Keyboard/Mouse used from old pc - 1080p monitor used from old pc

Summary: I think this will be a great PC for my brother, it's only recently my family have begun to be able to give us more expensive gifts and he appreciates how awesome it is to have a pc like this at his age; plus my parents are of course super happy due to, as we all know, saving hundreds off the cost of buying it from a shop.

I'm by no means an expert but if anyone wants help, advice on parts etc.. feel free to message me and of course leave a comment if you like it!

EDIT - The GPU cable at the bottom of the case is left there intentionally for the GTX 970 upgrade coming soon + further cable management and an extra fan will also be added shortly.

Part Reviews


Perfect for gaming, general work and other tasks. Powerful, well-priced - can't ask for more


Great little board - automatic bios ordering so installing windows via USB was easy, driver installation gave no hitches, usb3 works by default


It's ram - does what it says, looks sexy


Reliable, fast, good price - happy!


Pros - Good build quality Lots of room Cable management is super easy Cons - Only two fans included, in a slightly odd configuration, exit fan at the back, exit fan at the top of the case - no intake? Easy fix, I mean fans are cheap right, but just odd

Power Supply

Very good price, reliable reviews, no problems in installation

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  • 49 months ago
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Wow great job! This build should last him a long time :) Btw you're one nice brother, lol. Also, does he plan on upgrading to a SSD in the future?

  • 49 months ago
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I wanted to include one, cost though!