Hi, this is my PC. It was meant as an all rounder, since the original build in 2011, I mostly use it for browsing, digital painting, light/mid/heavy gaming, music production.

Everything went just fine until may 2015, then i started to evolve my build, here's a brief list of changes:

May 2015 - Replaced Sapphire HD 6870 with current Sapphire 280x

June 2015 - Added Samsung 850 evo SSD as OS unit instead of the old fashoned HDD

Nov 2016 - Replaced 500gb Seagate HDD with 2tb Seagate HDD

Nov 2016 - Added Crucial MX300 SSD for music productions data

Dec 2016 - Replaced Cooler Master elite 371 with Corsair 600C

Dec 2016 - Replaced stock cooler with Cryorig A80

Feb 2017 - Replaced Thermaltake Toughpower XT 675w with EVGA Supernova G2 650w

I've got no usless lights inside my case but i've got LOADS of usless lights in keyboard and mouse XD XD

And that's it: future upgrades will be about the core of the PC: CPU ; MB ; RAM but for now i'm pretty happy with what i've got (and ram is way to expansive these days!).

Note: i manually set prices accordingly to what i really paid a the moment of the purchase (currency is €).

Part Reviews


handles what i ask for, no complains here!

CPU Cooler

last christmas a local store made this awesome discount (it's usually around €120, €130). I just love Cryorig's designs, and the CPU little fan is something i really appreciate. Really Silent. Cpu is around 29-31° during normal activities, 39-43° during gaming.


Right now it's a bit outdated, doesn't have a connector for external USB 3.0. So yeah, i've got two dead USB ports on the top of my case but is not a big deal ..


Bought in summer, 2015 this price was pretty great for the time, i'm really happy with this product.


Bought to speed up read/write capabilities during music production, i'm not really sure if something really changed but, ok, it's a fine peace of hardware and it came with a huge discount, so, i'm cool.


Plenty of room for programs and stuff.

Video Card

In summer 2015 this was a fine choiche for the budget i had. It's a MASSIVE, i had to do a great job fitting it in my previous case (elite 371). In my new case (carbide 600c) it was a piece of cake but keep in mind the dimensions when looking at cards this long.


At first i was tempted by the Phanteks enthoo pro m, which i think it's a great case. But the i went crazy with the window-on-the-right for aesthetics ..and it's pretty awesome in my room.

Power Supply

this is the first day of usage, pc is working fine, it is silent! and it's said is one of the most brilliant PSU on the market.. so i'm optimistic!

Optical Drive

bought to see bluray movies, it works fine if you have the proper software!


Just one of the best looking keyborards ever built (if you are ok with rgb lights) Silent switches are great if you want to make less noise.


It's awesome to look at. It was not confortable at first. Now that i'm used to it i love it. I don't use macros but this mouse has a lot of features for those who looks for this stuff..


Awesome pair of speakers for the money.

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  • 35 months ago
  • 2 points

I love the look of this build, especially with the Sapphire 280X. As I was a proud own of a Sapphire 290x, I have an appreciation for their existence. I have to say this is a truly nice PC.

Also, +1 for everything about the system.

  • 25 months ago
  • 1 point

I'm seeing this 9 months after you published your comment but, thank you :D