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Half of my main rig for the last couple of years was re-purposed for a server. Parts carried over were the RAM, Video Card, and SSD - which are all things you want to hold onto with memory and video card prices shooting up recently.

I snagged an i7 6700 on ebay for 'cheap'. And picked up the ASRock board and CM Case from my local Microcenter. Lastly the power supply came from best buy.

Overall I'm happy with how it came out. I'll be using it for a variety of things like occasional gaming, virtual machine labs, and my little hobbyist projects (Unreal Engine/Adobe/OBS/etc).

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

The installation on this cooler was super easy which I actually do value a ton over the convoluted nature of some aftermarket coolers. In terms of performance, I would only put this slightly above the intel stock cooler. It's very quiet though and will fit any configuration.

Excellent option if you're either a newbie or building in a small space.


Probably the board that has caused me the least headaches when it comes to working on the first try. And this is one of those base clock overclock boards that'll give your skylake cpu a boost out of the box. Got a nice deal at Microcenter and it proves ASRock can make a board as good as anybody.


I personally got this at a time where it was cheaper than getting an EVO 850 SSD. If you have the m.2 slot to spare and can get it cheaper than an EVO, it's totally worth it.

Video Card

I've had this card for a bit over a year and still don't feel like upgrading. Still meets all my needs for 1080p.

In regards to the Windforce series in particular I'm really impressed with how far Gigabyte has come along. This version performs like a 980. Not crazy about the RGB software but you don't seem to need to keep it on your computer - I was able to set the color once and the CMOS seems to remember it.


Overall a very aesthetically pleasing case with easy cable management. Easy to modify and add drive bays to in the future.

The only thing that I kinda knew going into this were the lack of fan options (two front intake/one exhaust). It will get a bit warm under load. Not a big deal for pretty much any single GPU configuration.

Power Supply

Very solid/quiet PSU. Corsair's new CXM lineup is up there with Seasonic's entry level PSU's. If you find these in a store and need a PSU in a pinch like I did, it's probably the best value option you'll have.

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