First time building. Posted on first attempt!

Mainly got it for gaming. Future upgrade will be 9700k CPU and then what ever the equivalent of a 2080ti will be when u feel I need to update the gpu.

Plays my games on ultra 1440p no problem


  • 2 months ago
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You dont like RGB? That case was meant for rgb!

  • 2 months ago
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I tried to synch up the cooler master to my motherboard but I just couldn't figure it out and no way was I dealing with some controller for the settings so I just left the rgb on the cooler master unplugged

  • 1 month ago
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How has the power supply been working, I'm thinking of purchasing the same one.

  • 28 days ago
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No real complaints beyond the software. The download was off an unsecured site, app and cloud service didn't work and uninstall was so broken I had to fresh install Windows.

  • 15 days ago
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How is the motherboard Wifi stability overall ? and is the board solid ?


  • 13 days ago
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It's decent but I haven't really had a chance to unlock it's potential. Reviews say it's good for overclocking in that price range and I haven't upgraded to a 9900k yet to test it.

And it's got 8 fan headers. As you can see I'm using them all.

Solid board, easy install, no problems.