So my old SI pc was having issues with its CPU and the GTX 970 was about to retire as well.

Time for a new PC! I was going to just reuse many of the parts from my old build, but I found out that I did no real research when I configured the PC to be built. She had a poor Mobo, 2133 ram, and the 750gb HDD was from my high school days.

I decided to do a full build. First time in over ten years. Last build was with my dad and cousin to be ready for Half-Life 2. This build was a gift to myself for my 30th birthday and spent the time building it with my Father. Had a blast. Some issues popped up getting parts as I was going to get a 2080 super, but I could not get a hold of an EVGA FTW model. Half way in I dipped into a reserve fund I never used and upped some parts.

I got a i7-9700k to put more cash to other parts, and got the MOBO on a good sale for $180. I went air cooled for cost/performance as my build was going to be around $2200ish. I had a notable travel fund I've never used. I dipped into it and went with a 2080ti, got a 1440p monitor, and RGB keyboard & mouse. Would of went with a quality AIO and a I9-9900k. Would of upped the MOBO and the RAMM to 3600 or 4000 as well.

My old pc was ordered during a long off and on bout of depression. The Frankenstein of a build was not great, but served me for five years. This build was put together with love, focus, hope, and good old fashion leg work. The time me and my dad put into this as some of the best time I had in years. I'm happy with the build. She runs like a dream after figuring out that the GPU issue was with a bad power supply cable.

Part Reviews


Hot, but works. If you can make the jump to the I9-9900k it's the much better product on Intel's line. Air cooling in a good air-flow case keeps it cool, but a good AIO would be best.

CPU Cooler

Massive beast of an air cooler. Takes up a lot of room and can limit your section of cases and RAM. Keeps my i7-9700k acceptably cool under max load. Easy to install but may damage other parts in not assembled correctly, but that would be hard to do. Best air-cooler you could buy.


B+ upper mid ranged z390 MOBO. Asus boards area bit lacking this gen but she'll keep up with you. Good build and great aesthetic.


Corsair makes good RAM. What's not to love?


Superb M.2 SSD. Boot drive supreme.


Top notch ssd. Used for my music, Steam and GoG libraries. Bought a 500gb for use of older retro gaming via GoG and my music. Was DOA, and the other was miss shipped.Ended getting an upgrade, CS during the whole issue was quite nice and open about the error and corrected with interest.


Good SSD, and surprisingly durable. Survived being dropped down a hardwood staircase.

Video Card

I was going to go with EVGA, but was able to sang this for a better price. After troubleshooting issues my card was giving me black screens, BSODs, and at times hit 90c. RMA'd the card and will update as such.


Well built case with great room, cable management, air/water cooling options and can be set up magnificently. White/black case with a beauty in simple elegance. Great connectivity and expansion options.

Power Supply

Good stable power supply. First one had a few bad cables.


Superb mechanical keyboard with good aesthetic and controllable RGB. Not overly loud and quite responsive. Fits my build quite nicely and even wowed my other family members. Optional rest is good, but is dark gray in color. The USB cable is in a metallic wrap and looks nice but may clash with peoples desk/tables.


Slick, nimble, ergonomic, aesthetic sharp, light, and with great command keys/buttons. Mouse is like air, and is like a dream when gaming.


Had them for about 10 months, Comfy, good quality mic, good sound, and not to heavy. Good every day head set that is not too expensive or overly cheep. Backed by Corsair so if anything happens you get good CS and good build/quality for price.


Had from my old build. Not the greatest, but get the job done. They have taken some blows with moving and during some mishaps, but keep on keeping on.


Crisp 1440p monitor with great response time, minimal issues or ghosting/corona. The RGB on the back looks cool but is mostly a afterthought. Control toggle is responsive and has good options in a easy to navigate ui. My packaging came with a damaged displayport cable and was not overly secured in the box due to rough shipping, but thankfully the monitor itself was ok. My next door neighbors got the set they bought a few days after me and had no issues from shipping.

So far we have all been enjoying them quite a bit, and if a 1080p 32" one comes out my dad will buy it. For the price of $370 USD you can't go wrong. Good quality inexpensive monitor for 1440p gaming with a nice set of options.


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Did you update the drivers for G-sync directly from NVidia website or?