I use it for gaming and some rendering applications. It works great.

The GPU is a weird design, and if I could re do it all I'd've picked the MSI Ventus for its normal PCB. I say this because the obscure Byski block that I HAD to buy, while fine, is a bit of a downer, and not what I wanted for just shy of $200...I probably should've spent that money on a 2080, but I wanted good temperatures (no air-con during summer! almost cooked my old 1060 playing EFT...)

The Eisbaer loop has some limitations, but works great for a beginner like me. I would've gone for the Eisbaer pro, though, because despite the increased cost it is just so much better & can be filled from the radiator, which is something I didn't realize would be such a quality of life improvement. Definitely does the job, I've not seen anything over 60c, but it isn't summer yet.

The X570-P is not what I expected (actually accidentally ordered it over the X570-PRO) and the lights on it can only be toggled on or off - womp womp. I have them off, no one wants purple in a monochrome build. It works like any other motherboard, a quality option on the lower end of the X570 spectrum.

The H500M is an amazing case. Shame it doesn't have anything to protect the glass, even straight out of the box there is nothing to peel. Disappointing, CM. Also the rear fan is awful, and I replaced it for $17 with a quieter RGB CM fan. The airflow is top notch, and I've yet to collect any dust over the past 2 months owning the case.

I already owned the PSU and most of the storage, but HOLY CRAP NVME MAKES A DIFFERENCE. I have no idea how I lived before this, and this is not even a "decent" model m.2 nvme drive!

The LG monitor lacks compatibility with Gsync, a shame, but looks great anyway. Needed some adjustment, but the nipple makes it easy to use the settings.

Probably missed some details, but this is general. It's a great computer, though took a few afternoons to set up.


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why is your ram so slow I feel like that would definitely hurt your systems performance.

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is from my old system. most definitely does. I'm gonna replace it at some point.