This was my very first build. Budget case, not top of the line motherboard, not top of the line monitors. But dang, I freaking love this set up. Coming from console gaming, this has been incredible. Currently I'm able to run most games on ultra at 60fps, including the new Borderlands. Custom adjust/tone down some settings like shadows and water reflection and I get about 70 to 80 frames without dropping under. Since I'm new to PC building, gaming, and understanding I don't really overclock other than the AMD Ryzen Master Precision Boost Overdrive. But dang games look good on this. Some notes: My original build had no Corsair cooling fans. Just the CPU cooler and the stock rear fan. However, after a few months of gaming I decided I did not like my temps lingering towards the high margin. So I added the two fans up front to blow air into the body for much better air circulation. Lowered my temps by 15 degrees when in Precision Boost Overdrive. I did stream console games for a month with this rig at 1080p 60 fps. (not advertising because i've retired after one month, haha got a new career so i'm working full time and then class during the week). Without the monitors, the build is sitting at $1223.

Anyway, I'm loving the PC gaming world, wish I had entered it sooner!!

Part Reviews


Great price, not a low budget but not a top of the line motherboard.

Video Card

Best gaming experience I've ever had. Optimizes everything for me, most settings on Ultra or High.


Great budget tower. Cable management can be a little difficult, especially for first timers, due to lack of space overall. But has a nice little LED Pin stripe and LED power light that you can switch between several colors.

Case Fan

Once two of these were added to the front of the case along with the CPU cooler and the stock rear fan, my temps dropped by 15 degrees when playing intense games. Would've never used Precision Boost Overdrive without these.


Looks great, handles higher refresh rates great. 1080p gaming looks good. But occasionally monitors wont come on when rig is trying to wake up from sleep, and also occasionally only one monitor will come on unless I disconnect the Display Cord and reconnect it. But overall looks amazing.

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  • 6 months ago
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Man, I love your enthusiasm in your post. It's refreshing to see someone actually just happy with their set up instead of complaining about squeezing out 8 FPS on a system that costs more than most vehicles.

  • 6 months ago
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your pc is deffinately experiencing bottleneck issues. The 2060 super is a bit too fast for The 2600 to keep up. just so ur informed.

  • 5 months ago
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I have a RTX 2060 Super and my CPU is the Ryzen 2600. I have had no issue with bottlenecking. I did about a months worth of research on my newest system build. In fact I built it around the RTX 2060 Super and all my research told me that the Ryzen 2600 would be just fine and compliment the level of PC I was putting together. I will agree that if someone would have purchased a RTX 2070 Super you may run to some bottlenecking performance with the Ryzen 2600 on some gaming titles. Even the RTX 2080 Super would probably run most major titles with a Ryzen 2600 with little bottlenecking issues. Now in regards to an RTX 2080 ti or Titan RTX then yes I say that you would be running into some bottlenecking issues, but again that would depend on the game you would be playing. Just my two cents.