Despite the massive GPU and monitor upgrade, this build only about because of good pricing and it's not nearly as exciting as V2. Mostly used for gaming and light video editing.

Part Reviews


Definitely a step up from my 2600(but only when paired with a fast GPU). Runs toasty at idle but generally hits it's boost clocks with PBO disabled.

CPU Cooler

Honestly, a bit overpriced for a four heatpipe air cooler. It does run quiet, but the cooling performance level is only that of like a Hyper 212 in that you're only paying a premium for the fan.


Cheap because clearance, only mATX X570 board, and has a loud chipset fan by default. Only upgraded from B450 version to get the extra NVME slot and better memory compatibility.


Yes, yes, I know I should've gotten a DDR4 3200-3600 kit, but this is just a carry over from V2 after my Crucial memory decided to wage a stability war on my b450 board. Might, change in the future, but I'm not gonna go nuts over 3 fps.


First NVME speed SSD and got it for a dirt cheap price, no complaints here.

Video Card

Originally wanted the non XT version for the sake of power efficiency, but it wasn't in stock and I had 2070 Super money burning a hole in my pocket. It runs really cool, and really quiet (minus the coil whine). Haven't had any of the driver issues that everyone and their mother has with the 5000 series(fingers crossed).


Upgrade from my Define Mini C. This may very well be my "last hurrah" for mATX since everybody seems to prefer ATX despite the average user never using more than 1 PCIe device in an age of dead mGPU support and M.2 slots. Probably gonna be forced to go ITX but I refuse to sacrifice thermals and acoustics to do so.

Power Supply

I's enough to power the whole build, only replaced my corsair with it because I HATED the flat cables and needed something with a lot more flexibility.


Never explained why I got an LG ultrawide after my Philips 1440p panel. After V1.5, I got the need for speed(144hz) again, so I decided to get an Acer KG271U. BIG MISTAKE! While it was a TN panel, it looked great with good viewing angles. had a good response time, and came with freesync for cheap. About a month later, the monitor started flickering and that flickering evolved into prolonged black screen and then the monitor just outright died. I refused to even look at Acer monitors for a good while. Then I saw this monitor at work for $300 and threw caution to the wind. This is easily the best monitor I've ever owned with the only complaint being there is a good amount of backlight bleed. It has a USB hub, a good looking stand(that I obviously don't use), a pre-calibrated ips panel, built in PSU, and a really good Freesync/Gsync implementation.


The first Deathadder I haven't immediately replaced because of the coating and/or shape. They fixed every issue I had with the Deathadder by using a better coating, baked in side-grips, and the slimmer flare on the right side. Also the stock "paracord" is a huge upgrade.


It's just so good and proof that the best feeling browns are still made by Cherry. Every other Cherry switch has been supplanted/replaced by just better options, but browns still stand tall.


Replaced my Koss GMR 54Xs and the only thing I can really say about them is that they have some extreme bass but still have a lot room at the high end to sound very detailed. Plus, the mic is amazing.


It was a toss-up between this, the G6, and the Schiit Hel. The G6 was just a really good multi-platform solution and the Hel required USB Bus AND AC power which isn't worth it for a gaming-centric DAC/AMP. For the price, the Hel sounds amazing, but the X3 in direct mode it all I really need for my G1s. Anything that the X3 can't run well goes to my Schiit Heresy stack on my work setup.


Taller than most extended pads but not as tall as the XXL pad, perfect size, and doesn't look ridiculous.

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