(The first photo was before Christmas btw)

So if you are seeing this I got most of the parts for free from my old boss at totally tickets. I only had to buy the Cpu Cooler, the storage stuff, the graphics card, case, wifi card, and all the peripherals (mice, speakers, audio, stuff like that that is not totally necessary. overall this computer should have cost me around 1000-1200 or so during its time but with the little upgrades inside the computer, I really only bought this for around 300 or so I lost track. If you want you can check my profile for the part list for the gaming pc that I plan on building for this 2 pc stream setup. This computer was based around a budget of under 1000 so I could save the rest for the next computer.

CPU- Its really good for my first real desktop handles video editing and all that stuff with no issues but it is sadly starting to show its age with many things being opened at once and just throwing a bunch of tasks at it at one time.

Cooler- wanted to upgrade to a 240 from a 120mm made temps drop 60 at idle the last cooler that was installed wasn't maintained at all and Idle was around 90 so frequently it would crash the computer all the time, so this was the first upgrade I got for this system. Had no problems installing was easy to use. This was actually the first aio that I ever installed and did not have to use the manual it was super easy to install. The only thing that I did not like about it was that there are a ton of cables on the block and was kinda difficult to cable manage for the front of the system.

Mobo- Gets the job done. Don't buy it it is old buy something newer lol.

Memory- Gets the job done. Don't buy it it is old buy something newer lol. Anyways it is great can not wait to upgrade to DDR4 for the gaming pc.

SSD- 120GB only use this for boot and really really important stuff, wish I went to 240 or bigger cause I filled it up in one day.

HDD- took this outa a prebuilt I got in 2015 works great plenty for basic stuff Idk what else to say about it.

GPU- wanted to upgrade from the original 3x GT640s this computer had. It was a server computer for security and stuff, and frankly, I wanted something where I could play games when wanted to at 60fps on medium-high.

Case- Got this case for Christmas this year and Super SUPER happy with it. The thing that I like about it most of all was that it had a side panel so I can see all the components that I bought and the computer itself. The reason why I say that the old case that I got that came with the computer, didn't have a side panel so if you really wanted to you could take apart the system and you could hear the fans spin up all the time it was super annoying.

PSU- Came with the computer and I didn't see a point if upgrading it if it didn't have any issues.

WIFI Card- gets the job done but I wish I ran Ethernet.

Case Fans- Look great but if you're looking for more budget-friendly get the SP or the HD fans instead.

Acer monitor- I use this for gaming I have never experienced 144fps/Hz or above and I have my console and pc hooked up to it. It gets the job done. plan on replacing it with a 240hz 27inch LG monitor to match with the LG ultra-wide.

Dell monitor- Used in vertical for a chat and basic internet browsing or music.

LG ultra-wide- AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Did I say that it is amazing? First ultra-wide I've ever used and I LOVE it. I use this for SLOBS and other tabs that I need open for streaming or basic computer use. I just wish that videos were formated for 21:9 like how the 16:9 ratio monitors are.

Keyboard- Bought this about a year ago and put o rings on it to make it even quieter for streaming. Amazing actuation point and overall a great keyboard.

Mouse- Went with the G502 Cause of its amazing reviews and how it felt in my hand.

Speakers- Found these at BestBuy about a month ago. Great quality for around 100 bucks. All audio is hooked up to the sub which connects to the computer. The right speaker controls the volume and the bass also has a jack for other connections and a microphone input I think not sure about the mic part.

HD60 PRO- Amazing literally one of the best purchases I've ever spent on this system.

Blue Yeti- A great starter USB MIC. I plan on upgrading to the Audio Technica AT2035 XLR mic and the Yamaha MG10XU mixer board.

Commander pro- great fan controller hooked up everything well. This is the only thing about RGB that I hate the cable management behind it it was a pain in the butt to hide all the cables and such.

Astro A40- Good headset for 2013-16 I plan on upgrading to something else soon If you made it this far in this description drop some suggestions for headphones and why they're better and maybe I'll buy them.

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  • 1 month ago
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The aesthetic of the setup is superb. Those retro wallpapers set the gaming mood perfectly.

  • 1 month ago
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Thanks man I wanted to have it setup the way I wanted to before college I plan on getting either a black or white desk w/o drawers. Also the only things I’ll swap on the setup are the vertical monitor for another ultra wide still vertical and the 240hz monitor in the middle then of course swap the Xbox for a gpc

  • 2 months ago
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you know, for around 140 dollars, you can get a E5-1680v2 off of ebay and overclock this Xeon 8 core, and it will be compatible with your current motherboard, so consider that upgrade as well since DDR3 is so cheap TBH and you have a great motherboard

  • 2 months ago
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That's a big IF it's compatible with the motherboard.

You could get truly screwed like I did buying a E5-1660 V2 on a Gigabyte X79 Rev 1.0 motherboard to have it not post.

For Gigabyte and X79, the ONLY working mobos are Rev 1.1 mobos for V2 Xeons. I speak from experience.

I run a 4960X now with my Rev 1.0 Mobo and I'm not satisfied with single core performance in Unreal Engine titles. How's the 4820K doing for you in UE4 titles? For me, even with a 4.4Ghz OC, it severely bottlenecks the single thread.

  • 1 month ago
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Well it kinda just depends on the games. I only really play R6, CSGO, Minecraft, move or die, and a few other basic games. On medium to high settings I can get anywhere from 80-200fps on this system. I can’t over clock the cpu for some reason the motherboard won’t let me but I over clocked the gpu with MSI Afterburner for 2010mhz or so and really only saw like a 5-15% increase on FPS so it wasn’t really worth it cause my ultra wide only went to 75hz Oced and my other 2 are 60hz I would do freesync but it suffered more with that turned on so I don’t mind the screen tearing. Over all it’s a great system for basic gameplay as long as you’re not recording at the same time.

  • 1 month ago
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I suffer terrible bottlenecking in Unreal Engine 4 titles, enough that I'm considering a platform swap. Once you have an Unreal Engine 4 title you want to play, you are going to be in for a bad time because of weak single threaded performance.