I was previously struggling with a C2Q system for gaming and light Photoshop work. I got a summer job, building PCs and this was what I like to call the paycheck.

Part Reviews


Amazing performance, however lots of PBoost-related issues such as the voltage going up even to 1.5v in idle. Running it at 4.2GHz all core on a 212BE seems just fine, however it does overheat the VRM of my board pretty easily.

CPU Cooler

Great cooler, silent operation and good looks.


The best thing about this motherboard are the looks, however, if you plan on using it for Zen 2 overclocking, forget about it, cause the VRM likes to overheat even on stock clock speeds of my 3600. I'd love to refund it and get a Strix B450F instead, but I can't get a cash refund at MindFactory, just store credit, but they don't sell anything Asus anymore so that's a shame.


Probably the best price/performance ratio RAM can have. Overclocks amazingly with a R5 3600. I got it to 3733MHz CL15 with 1.41v just fine, memtest didn't spew out any errors after 500%.

Video Card

Got it barely used from Ebay. Wasn't such a nice bin, cause I can't seem to get a nice overclock, however the performance is very satisfactory. It's probably the best armor card.


The case itself is amazing for the price, the airflow is really nice, however it's really cramped with a few additional harddrives.

Power Supply

A very stable PSU, however, when idle, you can hear the transformator buzzing inside when you're close to the PC.


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