This Build has been a parts list for some time but I'm really pleased to finish my second PC. Everything was very easy thanks to the H500 case.

The cable management in the H500 case is brilliant with lots of tie points although to plug in the top motherboard power cables I had to remove the case fan as it was very tight.

My only issue so far is there is a slight whine coming from what I think is the case at high load which goes away if I press on the top of the case!

The major thing that annoyed me was the Corsiar RAM I ordered came packed with really old, dirty RAM inside which wasn't even Corsair so I had to get a refund and decided to go for some Kingston as it was cheaper with has a higher speed. which I've included in this list

Part Reviews


Great CPU with a low temperatures, Easily overclocked to 4.4

CPU Cooler

Nice and quiet, Easy to install with clear instructions although once the fan was taken off (for installation) it was a bit annoying to get the clips back on


Great Motherboard although it came sealed, The M.2 screw was loose and the 3.1 gen USB port was bent.

The subtle RGBs are nice


Packaging was really nice, I got a HyperX sticker included too. They look clean in the case but for some reason my PC has them as unknown RAM. Works fine and UserBench picks it up as Kingston HyperX so I'm not worried

Video Card

What a beast! I need to find a game it can't run! Couldn't be happier. The RGB is really nice and works well with MSI motherboards


From cable management to looks, This case is great for the price. looks clean


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  • 3 points my bank account! ;)

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Great build! Maybe route the PCI-e cable via the bottom for a cleaner look?

  • 8 months ago
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Thanks! I have just done this and it does look a little better!

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how could you ruin that setup with a regular cooler not a water cooler???????

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Didn't have the £££ It might be something I get in the future but for the time being it will do