this is my epic $6000 AUD pc setup. I use this setup to play games and talk to friends online although it will have more uses but I just got the pc a week ago. when I was building this pc, the motherboard CPU installation guide was a bit weird and being my first time building and not knowing the way to instantly know how to install the CPU with the 2 notches on the side, I screwed up on installing the CPU, cost me $170 to repair and my parents said that I should just hand over all the parts to an expert so that's what we did, and they did a good job with cable management and everything. since getting the PC a week ago, I have overclocked the GPU and ram to safe settings, and this PC just tears through anything you throw at it with ease, its awesome. the temperatures on this pc idle at 40C and when at max load everything goes to 50C but the CPU can get to 60C. I have a push-pull configuration for my CPU cooler and 9 case fans in total and 13 fans overall with the GPU and PSU. the reason I got this computer is because I made a deal with my parents at the beginning of the year and it was if I get amazing grades I would get a $4000 AUD computer for Christmas but then that changed when my grandparents heard about this, they decided that they would pay for all of it instead of my parents. they sold their boat and I sold my drum kit for the PC. and my grandparents also decided that it will be an early Christmas gift so that's why I have it now and not in a couple of weeks. I made interactive visuals on this website

P.S Sorry for the low-quality images, I don't have a good camera

Part Reviews


very epic CPU that can handle anything i throw at it

CPU Cooler

keeps my 9900k at 60C under load


this motherboard is pretty good but its rgb (atleast in my case) is a bit dull on the IO shield area and the installation guide for the CPU is not the standard arrow to arrow which made me end up breaking over 6 pins...


most beautiful case i have ever seen i adore it


very good 1440p 144hz monitor but the only thing I dislike is that it has a power brick but that's a mere minor inconvenience

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Great build man ! Love the 6 fan setup for the AIO. Make sure your CPU FAN ( or AIO PUMP depending on where it's plugged in ) setting is running in manual mode at 100% all the time in your BIOS in the Fan Control section. Do you have ICUE downloaded to control your fans for your AIO ? And are you using another program to control your other fans ? ( AI Suite 3 ) If you haven't done that, definitely do that and set a custom fan curve for each fan ( you can also do it in your BIOS). Make sure the fans on the inside of the AIO are pulling air inside the case like the ones on the other side of the radiator and the top and back ones are pushing air out. If you do all of that, you should easily find a middle ground between RPM of your fans and temps, where you can idle closer to 33 ish. If that doesn't help you might want to consider taking off the pump head off of the CPU and re-apply thermal paste after wiping whatever is on with 91 or 99% rubbing alcohol ( many videos will show you how to install your pump head on YouTube for your exact model). I feel like you should be idling lower if you don't have anything going on in task manager. Have fun my man !!!

Edit : I also run my AIO with the pump at full speed both in BIOS and in ICUE which I would recommend as it doesn't make that much more noise at all. Also the Commander Pro from Corsair lets you control the 6 fans that aren't hookup up to your AIO. Meaning you could plug in your very front, back and top fans ( who have all the RGB goodness ) to it and not only control the RPM of the fans but their color as well without using any controller inside the case. Control your 6 fans RPM's on top of the 3 that are already on ICUE from your AIO, synchronize the colors and new color effects too without having to use another program like AI suite 3 or go into the BIOS. Also I super recommend the lighting Node Pro kit from Corsair, really easy to set up and goes well with or without the commander pro. More banging purple LED's to show off the rig.

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great build but the Lian li is the most beautiful case. Why didnt you get it?