I've only had it for a day, but im still posting it here now.

The build was made for streaming/gaming with headroom for other things, everything but the cables were perfect, the sleeved cables that come with the RMx 650w aren't individual, so it was hard trying to route the 24 pin. Front panel headers are honestly harder than i had thought they would be, but once i got them in it worked out.

The 750ti is an upgrade that i put in a pre-built i've had for about 7 years now, and i cannot afford a graphics card at the moment, i will be getting a evga 1060 when i have enough, though.

Part Reviews


Managed to get on sale $65 under msrp and i'm happy i was able to get this happen because this works amazingly.

definitely a lot of headroom with the 16 threads, haven't testing streaming capabilities in 1080p, but is able to ace 720p60.

CPU Cooler

Hard to install and pretty small, however it works pretty well and quietly too.

I'm not able to change the RGB for some reason, but it's probably because of my motherboard.


Definitely a good low to mid-end motherboard and works pretty well, i'm not that into overclocking and having something in the middle that i can use for headroom later just in case i want to overclock my cpu.

Does not have SLI and i can't get mystic light working.


10 LEDs, No branding on the RGB, everything i could ask for.


Works amazingly and boot times are extremely fast.

Video Card

Works just as advertised, am able to get 30-50 FPS on just about anything i can throw at it high-medium 1080p (model render 720p)

Sadly, however it suffers from thermal throttling because of its small fan, and regularly gets TDP limitations.


Absolutely amazing, the case is a tad bit bigger than i expected, but it makes up for a lot of airflow room.

The 4 FANS that the case comes with are actually really quiet and i can hardly hear them, cable management room is small but the foam somewhat makes up for it.

Power Supply

Would definitely recommend. there are indicator on the back of the psu that show where the pins need to go, which is super helpful.

The Fan is near impossible to hear, despite the fact it's on normally.


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I think the reason the cooler was hard to install because it's upside down... I like the case and ram tho

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really?? i tried both sides numerous times and it was hard both ways.