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The Accomplishment

by jukey23



Date Published

April 10, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.208 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8 GHz


I have had my pc running for about a month now i think...honestly can't remember. That's how time flies since I've finished this thing. I needed a pc for audio production using DAWs, and also some gaming. I'd say 70% audio prod, 30% gaming. However, with how awesome this thing runs games...I have been slacking on my audio production!

The combo of the 1700 and the RX 480...its perfect for me.
I came from 20-30fps being normal...being GOOD. I've never known 120 fps gaming. I do now. On everything I play.

Civ 5, and Beyond Earth...flawless. Huge FTB Minecraft modpacks...flawless. Doom...flawless. Fallout 4...flawless.

And that's about it for main games I play. I'm not really an FPS gamer on pc (doom actually came with the 480), I'm more of a minecraft and strategy player. I'm huge into minecraft and wanted to be able to play any modpack I could find, and this combo does that with ease.

I'm using 16gb of memory recommended to me by the people at the electronics store I shop at. Its also one of the kits rec'd all over the web in forums.
With the memory speed issue Ryzen is having, my 3200 is running at 2933. But honestly, that is just fine for any and everything I do on this pc...or could hope to want to do.

On the audio production side of things, I can now make as many tracks as I want using as many complicated and resource-heavy instruments that I want. No problems. No buffering issues, no latency issues with my midi controller, no anything. I use Reason 9 and I cannot ask for any kind of better performance. I do not use live instruments, though...so I can't speak on what that experience is like. However, I truly cannot imagine this cpu + memory + mobo not performing well for anyone doing anything with Reason or any other DAW.

I am a first time builder. So I was paranoid the whole way through. I took 5 hours to put this thing together. Every component, I had to read instructions, understand them, assess, and put them in carefully.
I put in the cable for the Wraith Spire's RGB backwards, so it wasn't lighting up blue at all. lol I also think perhaps I need to reseat the Spire. My idle temps are higher than any that I'm seeing posted anywhere. Some people say its normal and good, others say I have a problem and need to reseat. Some say to redo the thermal paste because they don't trust the pre-applied stuff that is on there out of the box.

This is how I ended up with all these different fans. I have gone fan-shopping crazy. The ones included with the Zalman case - 4 of them were molex. I replaced 2 of those, as well as the PWM doing exhaust...because it didn't light up haha. I have the Corsair in the back doing exhaust, the Noctua and Enermax up front doing intake, and the original Zalman LEDs on top of the case doing exhaust. I will perhaps flip those Zalmans to do intake instead as suggested to me.

But besides this, I am so happy. I can look at this thing and say I built it. I put it together. It didn't blow up.

And yes, I can stand to do better cable management. But I admit, this is the hardest thing for me to grasp. I honestly am afraid I'll mess up a connector or a cable. I don't want to pull or bend too much. I'm honestly still afraid of this aspect of pc building. So its not absolutely horrid, but there are some cables that are just jutting out, like the gpu cable and the cables for the stuff at the bottom of the mobo. Also don't know what to do with that cable from the cooler to the rgb header...nor that huge snake cord for the PSU to the mobo...

Oh and the monitor is the perfect bang-for-buck monitor for the 480. 144mhz, 1080, with freesync. Everything is so smooth my eyes slide off the screen.

I added a wifi card because the Asus Prime doesn't have onboard...but it has everything else I need. This is a solid mobo and bios updates have been coming out steadily for it. I still have not gotten my memory at full speed, but then again I do not know how to mess with timings and such...only how to use the one-click settings in the bios for memory speed-up (which again only goes up to 2933mhz for me right now). But the bios ease of use is great for a novice like me. Everything was easy to read, navigate, and most settings have an explanation with them at the bottom of the screen. I have flashed and un-flashed multiple times...and this from a guy who thought bios stuff was just too much to comprehend.

Power supply...I am thinking of spending a bit more and replacing the one I chose, ONLY because I hear a faint buzz from time to time. I have researched and gathered that this is the 'whine' that people talk about which can happen with ANY PSU. So I may just stick with it. Dunno. But for $60, this is a great bronze cert PSU.

I only bought a dvd drive cause I have some old games sitting around.

The SSD...what can I say? I have never experienced one of these before. The difference from a mechanical drive is all its cracked up to be. ALL.
As far as if mine is a great one? I dunno. The reviews were good, it came up in vids by some of the youtubers I really trust, and the price was right for the size. I didn't do a mechanical drive. But I am finding that after installing all my steam games that I want to play...I need it. 480gb isn't enough.

So yeah....that's it. My first pc build. Could not have done it without this site and the people on it who answered questions and gave me insight. I have learned so much...and hunger to learn more. I still watch nothing but pc tech vids. And I don't see me stopping. I want to do this again...and again. I want to do it for friends..for strangers. It was FUN!

Most of all, it gave me a sense of accomplishment I have not felt in...well, ever.

Oh and that wifi card and ssd are $0 cause I got some gift cards :)

Part Reviews


Yes I am new to this PC building world, but I have done enough exhaustive research paired with my own experience using this chip to know that this is the best for the money right now. I can do anything I want with my audio production stuff now.
I can play any game that I'd ever want to play with it as smooth as my eyes could ever want them. I think by fault of my own with seating the INCLUDED wraith spire, I am getting higher idle temps than most folks (45ish). But normally this included cooler is awesome per...well, EVERYONE. The fact that it has all these cores, comes WITH a substantial cooler that does not need to be replaced by someone like me who is fine with no overclocking (and the wraith spire CAN handles some slight OC'ing per many many reviews and vids), and priced the best out of any chip with comparable performance...hands down the best you can get.


I feel I am too new to this stuff to have a grasp on what makes a mobo great or not great. However, from my own exp putting this thing together, this board gave me a tool that helped me tremendously - that little front panel connector thingy. Instead of having to hook those very very small and confusing front panel connectors to the header directly on the mobo, this Asus came with an adapter which was clearly labeled and easily held in your hand. Put the connectors on the adapter, then put the adapter with everything already hooked up to it onto the mobo.
No, my 3200 memory isn't running at 3200...but its running at 2933. And honestly, that does everything so well, I don't even care. Excellent audio specs, too...which is important to me. All the ouputs I need. Tons of USB 3.0 and above. Neat but subtle RGB on the bottom left of the board, which u can use the Asus software to coordinate with other stuff.

Video Card

I have done enough research to know that this is the best bang-for-buck GPU out there right now. Pairing this with the 1700...everything is butter. Everything. Now I don't do video editing, but from what I have researched and from reviews, it kills that as well. I am not experienced enough yet to know if this thing is doing temps well. But...I have had no kind of frame-rate issues. None. I mean, its under $300. And it kills everything you throw at it. Get yourself a freesync, 144mhz. 1080 monitor. And love life.


For someone who has never done this before, I am happy with my time inside this case. There weren't any moments where I was like, "why did they build this this way??".
The 5 fans...what value! Yes, 4 of them are molex. But hey, you get 5 fans. And they do a great job, too. I did switch mine out because I wanted 4-pin fans. At first i took a star away for the molex stuff. But I gave it 5 stars because you get 5 fans. Did I mention you get 5 fans? But seriously, this case was easy to install everything in. And it remains so as I still tweak things and get back inside there. The white one which I got looks great in my opinion, with enough window to see everything nicely. My fav color is blue, which is what the included top fans' LED is. Airflow is good from what I can tell...although I am still learning about case airflow and fans.


This is the best bang-for-buck monitor out there right now. At 144mhz, plus having freesync...$200??? Yes. It is simple to use with physical buttons at the bottom to control mostly everything. There is some software you can use to do a few more things with, but it is forgettable and not needed. Everything looks great. And 24" is a great size to sit on the desk and to look at. Put with the RX 480 and its freesync stuff, man...can't beat this monitor at this price point.

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BadassPanther 1 Build 8 points 22 months ago

Thank you for killing the idea that Ryzen isn't good for 144hz Gaming because it very well is.

This build looks absolutely fantastic and what makes it even better is the fact that you're enjoying the build even more.

Glad to know it's giving you a butter smooth experience! +1!

jukey23 submitter 1 Build 2 points 22 months ago

Most def enjoying it...I just sit and look at it sometimes, or find myself turning it on with no real intentions of even doing anything on it haha. I do have limited knowledge, but I can't see Ryzen being not good for anything. If its 'in the numbers', then those are numbers my eyes cannot see when gaming.

Blackhat132 1 Build 2 points 22 months ago

thats a accomplishment alright great build for 144hz love the build man! You should get the feature just for proving those people wrong XD +1

jukey23 submitter 1 Build 1 point 22 months ago

Thank you! I paid little attention to the naysayers because there were too many people saying otherwise. And then experiencing it for myself...even though I've never had another great gaming experience on pc to compare it to, I KNOW that anyone would be happy with the performance of the 144 + 480 + 1700. Add those up and its a magical number.

mined_diamond02 2 Builds 2 points 22 months ago

same for me. Got a 1700X with an RX 480 and run everything imagineable on the 75 FPS cap I set (bc of my 75Hz refresh rate).

Blackhat132 1 Build 2 points 22 months ago

hell yea man!

Caminon 1 Build 2 points 22 months ago

I like the amount of ayyyyyyyyyyyymd in this build

jukey23 submitter 1 Build 1 point 22 months ago


DarkSpartan1 2 points 22 months ago

How did you set up all those blue led's. I want to make an led filled case like that.

jukey23 submitter 1 Build 1 point 22 months ago

The case itself comes with 2 fans with blue LEDs, they are mounted on the top of the case. They really fill the case up nicely with blue. The fan on the back and one of the fans on the front are white LEDs. These just give it a softness that I didn't like at first, but have decided to keep. I wanted ALL blue LED fans, but I think this looks good now. So yeah, its just the fans...no RGB strips or anything.

[comment deleted by staff]
jukey23 submitter 1 Build 1 point 22 months ago

Yes! And I did the same, forgot to mention that. I only did it cause I wanted to seem like I did something cool haha. And yes that shroud is very nice for covering stuff up for someone like me who isn't quite good at cable management yet. Holes in just the right places to run things up to the mobo.

[comment deleted by staff]
jukey23 submitter 1 Build 1 point 22 months ago

I am nervous about overclocking, simply because I have never done it before. With everything already going so fast and smooth, I just really don't have a need to mess with it.
Perhaps I will try it later as another accomplishment to conquer. If I reseat my cooler and get better idle temps, I may be more confident in trying to OC. Sorry about you having to return everything; can be a pain. But Microcenter...man I wish we had one out here. Good luck!

[comment deleted by staff]
[comment deleted by staff]
[comment deleted by staff]