This build was something I did kind of on the back end of things. I had a friend who wanted to buy about 70% of my previous build for video editing, and I am a king at finding prices for much less than they usually are. So here is my new build, Ghost, named after Jon Snow's dire wolf.

 First off, the case is fantastic, the most room and cable management I have ever dealt with. I cannot speak more highly of it, but water cooling is a pain in the butt if you have never done it before. I am glad I went with my original gut feeling of just buying a pre-fabbed water cooler instead of custom doing one, albeit would look so super nice with the colored liquid and what not. I had no problems with this machine building it, took me about 90 - 120 minutes build time, and maybe 30 mins of checks, cable management, and updating software.

 I use this beast to game mostly, some HW and coding is done on it, and my full blown software dev friends come over for me to compile their code for them 0_0... Otherwise I just play a bunch of games on it, which is cool. This computer is probably going to last me years to come, and I can't do very much to be happier with it, so enjoy looking at, THE GHOST. (more pics to come, just not time on my hands)

Part Reviews


Its a great CPU, and honestly I only went with it because I am in college for software dev, so I wanted something that can game, and compile code quicker... great power, price was a bit high though so 4/5

CPU Cooler

Super cooler, super price, super easy(ish)


Great MOBO, 128GB ram available is epic, lots of space for SLI if I want to later, durable, and very nice color. Great price for the part too.


Bang for buck wise is great, I'm stupid though and bought a CPU that stops RAM clocking at 2400mhz... duh...


I bought this on sale otherwise, for the price, i would have just gone for corsair or something, but when I bought it was totally worth the money, and has worked well from day one.


Got this for 109.99... need I say more?


I have had this from three different build spanning about 3 years.... it's a monster and so easy to use and change out. just works

Video Card

SO MANY COLORS! but seriously so much power for the money, I got this for 399.99 when it first came out at microcenter and put it in my old build, then moved it right over into this new build, 120fps+ on 1080p ALWAYS no matter what game I play, 3DMARK ranked it #2 of pretty much any GPU and it performs as such.


Microcenter had this "used" for 79.99... done, cable management, space, slots, and user friendly-ness is outstanding, and I would 8/8 buy again...

Power Supply

Needed something more quality compared to my old Corsair 750m Bronze... So this is what I bought, the cables it came with were so high quality and super long, and came with zipties, clings, and more to make it work well.

Optical Drive

Just needed something cheap and easy to use that is reliable. done.

Wireless Network Adapter

Upgraded to this after using the Amped Wireless ac1200 Wireless card, bang for buck this card is better. very happy customer


I've had this for a bit, will be buying a second, it runs smooth, turns on quick, and is gorgeous. Works perfect and am happy


Tactile and alert, it never misses a beat, and the red is a very nice color.


I had this before I built this computer and got it new for 44.95 with some employee discount and other stuff, it is a darn good mouse.


Very high quality headset for a good price, this monster has a movable mic boom, and very comfy around the ear headphones, and I have big ears. Comfy, cost efficient, and easy to use.


Super loud, high quality speakers that have good bass, and even better treble! Will never say bad things about bose, and a good price to boot.

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  • 44 months ago
  • 2 points

I actually like that there's no LED strips on this one. It looks sleek. Good job.

  • 42 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah I debated on strips but personally I think it looks better w/o

  • 44 months ago
  • 1 point

How's the H60 doing? I have one too. :)

  • 42 months ago
  • 1 point

It's doing fantastically, and honestly bang for buck very good. I am averaging about 28c-36c from idle to gaming.