An overkill gaming PC for gaming, editing, rendering, etc. Easily achieves very good framerates on ultra.


  • UNIGINE Heaven = 90-120fps on Extreme/Ultra

  • CINEBENCH R15 = 2024 on CPU

My only regrets:

  • Case choice. Cable management was a severe issue as there was only 1 tiny hole to the right of the motherboard, as well as not many cable ties in the back. Drive bays were an issue too, as my PSU had 90 degrees angled SATA cables, forcing me to stuff it in. There's also some cables lying on the bottom of the case on the PSU shroud.

  • The motherboard. There's only one RGB fan header, so only the case fans were plugged in. CPU RGB is controlled through a wired controller going direct to PSU. Will invest in an RGB splitter in the near future to fix the issue.

  • Going with Gigabyte parts, only because RGB fusion is a major pain in the butt.

Part Reviews


An excellent CPU for consumer workstations/gaming rigs. Extremely fast rendering times, and lots of power for processing.

Some things you should keep in mind if you plan to buy

  • This CPU runs VERY HOT. At most, a 240mm water-cooling radiator should do(works fine with mine), but you're gonna have to change the fan speed on the radiators to make sure it runs smoothly. If you have the money, go for a 280mm/360mm for better cooling and overclocking potential.

  • IF YOU PLAN TO OVERCLOCK, then get yourself a hefty power supply. I'd get at least a 750W, doesn't matter if it's bronze, gold, etc. certified, just as long as it gets the job done.

  • Probably unnecessary, but the uncooked rice grain trick for thermal paste won't work. Tried it on this, got up to 89C according to MSI Afterburner. Do a cooked pea of thermal paste for better performance.

Other than that, no complaints. It's amazing!

CPU Cooler

A great budget CPU cooler with RGB. Very nice and easy to configure. No complaints so far. Manual's extremely easy to read and straightforward.

Only con is that this is could be better. Struggles to cool my processor without overclocking.

ALSO: this cooler is advertised to work with RGB fusion, aura sync, etc. The only way this will work is if you plug the RGB plug into the motherboard's RGB fan header, so be sure to double-check and see how many headers your motherboard has for convenience.


Really good motherboard for the price.


  • Multiple PCIe slots for sound cards, etc.

  • Great audio quality for consumer purposes(gaming, hobbies, etc.)

  • Built in I/O shield


  • RGB(minimal, but it's still nice)


  • No SLI(there's crossfire tho)

  • Only 1 RGB fan header(invest in a fan hub or some RGB splitters

Not a bad motherboard for a first build. Reasonably priced I'd say for the features, and it's great for an Intel build.


RAM that's inexpensive, fast, and keeps Google Chrome stable. What more can I say?

It's simple, yet it does the job. 2 thumbs up for this!


A very fast SSD that is 100% worth the price it is given. Computer boots within mere seconds, and, even with half of it being used for games, videos, etc., still loads programs easily and efficiently.

I love it.

Video Card

Great GPU, and it does a great job with performance. Only complaint is that I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for the RGB. Bit of a pain to manage with rgb software since it's buggy, so I just left it on solid blue.


  • 3 fans with alternating spin provide excellent cooling and allow the GPU to stay at fantastic temperatures while playing games on Ultra with 100 frames+(not 100% guarantee, check your resolution and such). I get max 50°C-60°C on benchmarking tests

  • Nice design.


  • RGB software is buggy, and AORUS Engine is buggy too. Kinda sucks to have to use other software to control it.


Not the best case, but not the worst.


  • 3 fans included are nice, as well as the hub

  • RGB is great!

  • support for up to 280mm cooling(for the front only)


  • Cable management is subpar. 3/4" of space behind mobo forces you to stuff cables.

  • there's only one hole above the motherboard you can use for cables like the 2x4 8-pin ATX cable(even that is frustrating, since the rear fan and any radiator you put on top force you to use your fingertips to push the cable in).

  • There are 2 HARD DRIVE BAYS right next to the PSU shroud. Not helpful at all, and I had to cram the SATA cables to fit it. It takes away valuable space needed for cable management. The barrier between them

  • No holes that go directly from PSU shroud to GPU. Manageable without it, but it would be nice to have that.

  • No dedicated routing for specific cables(PCI-E for GPU, SATA, etc.).

  • When you get the case, none of the fan hub cables are tied down for convenience. You have to tie them down yourself.

Overall, the case is a good attempt at an RGB tempered glass case offered for a good price, but it's fatal flaws bring it down in terms of quality.

Power Supply

Great PSU for the price. Does the job and does exactly what it is advertised to do.


Great monitor! Definitely worth every penny.


  • GSYNC!!!

  • easy setup

  • 166hz

  • Lots of room to do more stuff(Google Docs while editing on Premiere, etc.). However, this could be a problem for those who lack desk space, so it could also be a con.

  • Built-in crosshairs!


  • None!
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