Been a lurker on this site for a while. Advice form this site gave me the information I needed to complete my first build, and now my second build.

I use my computer primarily for gaming but now, increasingly to learn more about building computers. With that said I wanted something that would perform above the expectations of the price point I aimed for. ($1000)

Part Reviews


Great CPU. Nuff said.

At 4.2 GHZ and 1.4V, it pulls up to the Intel Core i7 8700 fir single thread performance. But for multi thread performance it pulls in front of the Intel Core i7-8700K.

CPU Cooler

Needed to up the cooling game to take care for the temps and voltage necessary to get the 2600 to run at 4.2GHZ stable.

This cooler is keeping Idle temps at 35C. Gaming temps are in the mid 50's to 60's. Max temps reached while in an extended stress test from CPU-Z was 71c.


Great MOBO. I don't know what a VRM Cooler is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.

If anyone thinks I'm running too much in this board, please let me know.

Not going to knock a star off for what I think are the case's faults.

I also got $50 off my purchase at Micro Center for the CPU MoBo combo.


Its 3000Ghz. Instantly run at speeds with XMP.

I ended up having to remove the Red "heat sinks" because of room. I say "heat sinks" because once removed you can see that the thick plastic casing runs over the spine of the cards in that area, rendering the aluminum useless.


I bricked a Samsung 870 evo in the process of installing windows. So bought this at Best Buy because I had a $17.00 gift card.

Holds Windows and Master Programs. Boots to Windows in about 10 sec fully functioning.


Salvaged this from my first build. 7400RPM tho. Don't know why I'm reviewing this one.

Video Card

I love this Card.

1080P monster. Run what you want how you want. Get more from it by under-volting and over-clocking.

I have been playing most games now at 1440P. High to Max settings well above the 100FPS.

Temperatures of the Red Dragon Vega 56 hardly ever exceed 65C. When It does get warm you will hear those three fans knock the temps back to whatever you set them to.

Got it for $330.00, so wait for a sale and price match places against one another.


I have a similar case to this from Rosewill (Challenger S). Its pretty much the same thing with blue LED fans.

I would try to spend about $20 more on a case next time.

Power Supply

AS advertised. Great Semi Modular Value.

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  • 11 months ago
  • 3 points

The cable management in that case makes my eyes bleed

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

I'll take better pics cause I was messing around. Tried to make a Hydra in the blue zone by curling cables.

Not many options for cable management for this case. Wires for USB and audio are rather short.

Thanks for the reply tho. I will try to clean them up.

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, the build overall is great. It’s just that the case isn’t very cable friendly

  • 11 months ago
  • 2 points

Probably could've saved some money and went with a 550W PSU. Hell, probably even less.

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Yea. I used the supply from my old rig. So no money spent, but good point on how to make this machine even more cost effective.

As a note I tend to pull just shy of 400W when everything is in OC mode.

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Ran across this while trying to get the same memory to play nice with my 2700 and b450 tomahawk Mobo. Would you mind sharing the memory section of your bios?