Using Macbook pro mainly and I built this computer for my home use, including intensive graphics work (2D, 3D, photo), some developments, and gaming (up to 4k). Main reason to build this is because NVIDIA funded their product (Titan xp) to me in May 2018. And I didn't have time to build a pc completely until now recently.

Main focus is I don't know much about the components each, so I picked them based on the reviews and recommendations. When I buy something, I must get best or nearly best thing for myself .. and... I am not a AMD fan ..

CPU: Just picked one of the best available in the market.

Cooler: I noticed that i9 does not come with stock cooler, so I added cooler master product. could have bought 120mm, but just went for 240

Compound: I bought it just because I didn't know a compound comes with the cooler.

MotherBoard: I cared to look for expansion slot and future upgrade. also WiFi capability

Memory: initially looked at 16GB 3200, but the store I went didn't have that. Opted for 32GB instead.

Storage: Since I use cloud storage a lot, 1TB is enough for now, and software installation. speed is sufficient for me

Video Card: this is the one nVidia gave me. didn't have choice for other. I would have gone for 2080Ti if I didn't have this card. however, it seems this card does the job. Maybe I will upgrade or add another if necessary.

Case: Took the most of time here to pick one. simply looked at reviews and slot availability. also it got two fans pre installed. Two fans were main reason I got this. (also price)

Power supply: originally wanted to buy 750W or 850W, but in my local sells this cheap, so I got this instead.

First time build was really time consuming for me, specially cable connection/management. Fans works just fine. CPU temp stable. and all good except RGB connection between coolermaster product with ASUS Aura sync. didn't work well, I decided not to care eventually. Hope this will last for few years. :) Maybe I will build another one in near future.

I did get the cooler master ck550 for a keyboard at first, but ended up replaced it with Razer Blackwidow V2, and death adder chroma, so it matches.

Part Reviews


Handles heavy load, stable temp under load as well. Very good CPU

CPU Cooler

pain to work with.. RGB works well, but the software seems BAD. sync'ing with ASUS Aura was painful. cooler(fans/radiator) works just ok for the i9 9900k

Thermal Compound

Nothing to say. it just works


Good build. Q-Code helped a lot for home first build. Not sure if only this product, but I had to push RAM in hard to correct the error. WiFi works well. LED is not that bright, but wasn't the reason I bought this.


Fast, reliable (maybe?)/ 32GB is big enough.


didn't know it is SATA. but it works well, Fast. and cheap compared to competitors.

Video Card

Great card. didn't buy it myself though I like it so far. it is not fastest card in the market. but in most cases, it will work just good. handles 4k res great.


Two big fans works (rpm is ok, rgb also ok) front panel is OK Can't judge cable management. seems ok for me glass panel and thumb screws are plus


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Main reason to build this is because NVIDIA funded their product (Titan xp) to me in May 2018.

What do you mean "Funded"

  • 11 months ago
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That's hella expensive. Must be a beast. +1

  • 10 months ago
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Thank you Yea it is . I don't have any problem so far. and CPU temp is barely over 40 C

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Nice, though are you overclocking your cpu?

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I have to say, that is one hell of a first build! I tried going with the Asrock Taichi Ultimate and it was a complete bust (barely kept my fans on, stubborn bluetooth driver issues, electrical noises coming through my speakers from the CPU, etc.) so I was thinking of the Maximus XI Hero as a replacement. Have you had any issues with it at all?

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Kind of upset you chose that case but seems like a beast.

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