I mainly wanted to add this because i had very little info about putting the Dark Rock Pro 4 into this case. I would like to add that it fit pretty easily with a few mm of clearance to the window panel, at least in my case(PUN intended).

This was an upgrade from what was a 1600x (which is in the first two pictures) using the same GPU.

Haven't really done much testing and OCing/tuning yet but from what i have done it idles/streaming web browsing at 45c and stress tests at 80c.

As always with ITX, try to preroute as many cables as possible since the mobo passthroughs on the top get pretty hard to manage once the cooler is installed.

Front cooler fan easily clears the dimms.

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  • 1 month ago
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Your build is clean as ****! I looked for it many times to understand how it is so simple and well managed. Congratz, man. Just loved it.

  • 1 month ago
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I love everything about this build. I have a gigabyte X570i and Radeon VII, but my build is otherwise very similar to yours. Cheers!

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